Personal Development Plan - Part 4

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Phase 3 - Review the Project YOU Development Plan

When you have finished creating your draft Project YOU Development Plan, leave it alone for about 1 week and then review it. During the week you will have been unconsciously mulling it over, and testing to see if it is right for you. After the “rest” period, take some time to look at the plan and make any changes. Was the draft plan too ambitious, not hard enough, too focused on one thing, too vague?

You can keep the plan private and do the review yourself, however you may find you benefit more from sharing it with someone else. In large companies or organizations, the development plan is normally discussed with a direct supervisor or leader.

People who find it hard to be objective about themselves or need external motivation may find it a benefit to enlist a person to support them. Maybe you lack some skills or experience and there’s someone you know that would love to give you the benefit of their experience? The great thing about using the Project YOU process is that you can actually make this decision for yourself and your development is not influenced by work politics.

Here are some guidelines on how to choose an appropriate help;

* They are already good at what you are trying to develop – a potential “role model”.

* You trust them.

* They are a good coach and can give you constructive feedback.

* They have the time!

You may want to consider using a professional to fill this role for you. There are life coaches, career guidance officers, therapists, and counsellors to name a few, and you can see them in person, talk over the telephone or even online. Before you hand any money over, contact them and establish whether they will be right for you.

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