Personal Development Plan - Part 5

Postby Lyndsay Swinton » Mon Oct 20, 2003 10:49 am

Phase 4 - Implement the Development Plan

You have planned the work, now work the plan! Okay, in non-management speak, you have invested a good amount of time and effort in planning your development and may be wondering about the value of this whole process, when you have completed three phases and haven’t started doing anything yet. Be assured that all well managed projects work in this way, and personal development is no exception. As you go along, make notes of your accomplishments and any insight you have gained.

Top Tip - Do a mini-review each time you do something that took you out of your comfort zone. Think about 2 things you did well, and one thing you could do better next time. The “thing you could do better” will be your primary focus for improvement the next time you do it.

Fellow Uncommon friends, please post your ideas about mini-motivation techniques. :wink: I'm sure you will have many.

Well this was a very brief post! That's because if you have been following the plan, you will actually be out there "doing it", whatever that may be, and will not have the time or need to sit around reading long complicated posts :D . So, until next time!

Personal Development Plan Part 6
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