Time to Quit Marijuana


Postby kickinindam » Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:11 am

Hi Dennis,

Thks for taking the time to reply and confirm my thoughts...... to be honest I thought people might say I am dillusional about giving up the weed while in Amsterdam but different people see and take things differently so it was good to hear your point of view.

I bought a house in Amsterdam Centre 2 years ago ( On the Prinsengracht ), I used to live in the Jordaan too :)

I play guitar and have started learning piano, go the gym, I recently bought a boat for the canals so I have lots to keep me busy...

I like your advice about the diary....... can this be done through here....

I am not at 5.5 days and have never felt better..... I actually feel awake for the first time in ages.....

The only thing at the moment is the nightmares...... my fiance leaving me, people running around with knives..... not to hurtm me but there all the same..... Fcking wierd stuff but my brain is obviously going through chemical changes as this is the first week in a long time I am not suffocating myself with carbon monoxide gasses and all the other sh!t you get when mixing tobacco with the weed.

Really good to know you guys are here for support,

I really appreciate you have taken the time to lend me moral support.

Have a great day,

Kindest Regards,
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Postby I think I can » Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:22 am

OHHH WOW, im so glad i found this site, hi eveyone, i got to day 6, wooooo hooooooo. me, day 6... im so excited and i feel stupid about it, but so what.. I started bout 20 years ago, more than 1/2 my life ago, and it felt so good to come home from work and spark one, and i really want 1 , but im gunna go another day. I live in B.C. ya the good stuff. Im so suprised at how good i feel right now, and proud too. Someone talked bout nightmares, i cant tell you any dreams ive had in 20 yrs, sept in the last 5 night, bizarre stuff, freaky. How long does this last? Not sleeping very well, but have had 6 good days at work, and even better at home. I wanted to "stop" smokin so i could pass a drug test for a new job, but now its bigger than that. Im at a loss for words, and i cant type, so all i can say is how much im looking forward to day 7. Good luck everyone, reading your post is a big help, REALLY! we can do it, 1 more day. good night.
dont try being good at what you like, try to like what your good at
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Postby ambition290 » Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:56 pm

guys you guys dont understand ive been trying to stop smoking for 2 years im 21 and ive been smoking since i was 16 im so happy ive found this site well its been 3 days and im real scared man its like the devils after me... i tried to quit smoking last month and as soon as i stopped my cousin appeared out of no where and offered me a blunt i said no and i soon as i got to work my co worker gave me a bag of chronic out of no where because he said i helped him at his job i never even knew the guy smoked. so i smoked it but i decided to try again because i want aa better life. so guys this is day 3 and i will write here everyday until i make sure its a part of my past thanks guys u guys r amazing at changing lives. by the way i live in miami florida
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Postby jonarmis » Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:09 pm

OHHH WOW, im so glad i found this site, hi eveyone, i got to day 6, wooooo hooooooo. me, day 6... im so excited and i feel stupid about it, but so what.. I started bout 20 years ago, more than 1/2 my life ago, and it felt so good to come home from work and spark one, and i really want 1 , but im gunna go another day. I live in B.C. ya the good stuff. Im so suprised at how good i feel right now, and proud too. Someone talked bout nightmares, i cant tell you any dreams ive had in 20 yrs, sept in the last 5 night, bizarre stuff, freaky. How long does this last? Not sleeping very well, but have had 6 good days at work, and even better at home. I wanted to "stop" smokin so i could pass a drug test for a new job, but now its bigger than that. Im at a loss for words, and i cant type, so all i can say is how much im looking forward to day 7. Good luck everyone, reading your post is a big help, REALLY! we can do it, 1 more day. good night.

Way to go I think I can! :D

Your one step ahead to overcoming it. I know the urge is there, but have faith in yourself that you can do it. Always think that drugs will do you no good, have this mindset. You must have the will power to stay 'clean.' Stay away from old friends and places that will lead you to the prohibited drug. Keep busy. It will help you stay focus.

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Postby I think I can » Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:20 am

wow, i hit day 7. Jonarmis , thank you. I come here for support and couldnt ask for any more. thank you much,,, I,ve felt awsome for 6 days, but felt like garbage today, i can deal with that. Ambition290, I hear ya. The devil.. I know what you're saying. Its tough, so i keep coming back here too. good luck, i smoked for 20 yrs, and loved it, but its time, right? I cant wait for day 8, it makes me proud.
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Postby Lazaroo » Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:11 pm

5-HTP tablets (from most health shop - extract of Griffonia seed) can help take the edge off I have found.
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Postby kieran86uk » Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:24 pm

Oh man,

I've just read Dreamscapes post, and how many times through the message did I relate myself to that.

I started cannabis when I was 17/18, and was part of an experiment, someone passed a joint to me, and I loved the buzz from it.

Since that fateful day, I never really smoked much, once in a while when I went to visit a friend or someone came over with some, just once in a while.

Recently, from about August 2007 I've relied heavily on weed, and I feel that is a reason for my anger. I love smoking with other people, and by myself, depending on my mood, but it's expensive and I don't have alot of money to play with. £20 of weed will last me 2 days, and once it's gone, then when the anger starts and the frustration of not being stoned. And very recently, I started smoking out of boredom, because when sober, I'm pottering about the house, looking for something to do, but stoned, I can find something to do and enjoy doing it.

I've not gone as far as telling my dealers that they are sacked, but if I'm serious about quitting, it's gonna have to be like that. The big problem is, all my friends smoke it, who live near me, so going to visit while they are smoking weed, and I'm not smoking, will stress me out even more, and I will be tempted to have a spliff, then another one, and the vicious circle starts again. Circles, after circles, and it's happened that many times now, I'm just dizzy. If all my friends smoke it, and I'm not, does that mean I need a new circle of friends or do I just need to say NO!?

I wish you all luck with quitting, and feeling like quitting myself, I'll be back to support others, and get some support myself.

Best Wishes,

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Postby LondonLife » Wed May 07, 2008 5:34 pm

Reading through all the posts on here is interesting to see everyone's different situations. Personally, I have been smoking since the age of 17 and am now 26. I rent a one bed in London, hold a well paid job in the City, own a sports car and play weekly sport. Having said this, I know that if i didn't smoke then i could be doing so much better. My main reasons for wanting to give up are more from a self respect point of view. I can no longer go an evening without beating myself about the fact that i smoke and the effect that it has on on my social life, regarding friends and girlfriends. When invited to parties and social events I find myself making excuses to stay in and smoke pot. I always said to myself and others that pot was a way of maximising downtime (as i have read elsewhere in this thread) and that i would never make time purely to smoke, which is now the case. When sober I am quick witted, intelligent and the life of a party, however, although this is evident to me I still feel as though i will be happier at home smoking. As soon as i do smoke i beat myself up for not going out and so the cycle continues.

Also, unlike some others on here, I have never had a girlfriend who smokes. I have had long term relationships with girls who at first are fine with the whole smoking thing and as time goes by their attitude changes. The vicious truth is that pot has always featured higher on my list of priorities then girlfriends, hence I would rather spend an evening in stoned then spend time with them. Of course, combining the two is the best option but most girlfriends tend to get a little peeved when their boyf is comatosed and unable to partake in thoughful sober conversation. So the result is that I'm never open to going out and doing new things and meeting new people which in turn has caused my girfriends to move on when they realised that i wasn't going to change.

So I need to stop firstly for myself and state of mind (happiness not lunacy), secondly to fulfil my potential (I want my own business but unless sober don't think i would have the motivation or energy to drive it) and thirdly to allow the prospect of a family in the future.

The major thing for me is SELF RESPECT, something that i am rapidly losing.
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Postby DannysFriend » Wed May 07, 2008 9:19 pm

Sounds like you're quitting for all the right reasons and we're here to help each other through the detoxification process as we regain our minds and bodies from the green monster. Thanks for the intro and keep checking back in as you go-we love success stories and yours sounds like one in the making! :D
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Postby rfromaustralia » Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:56 am

hey forum users,
I stumbled across this forum while on the search for the help to quit smoking weed.

I have read through only a 1/4 of the posts on here, but like most others feel deep empathy for most users here.

I would first like to say I have been smoking since I was 19 and I am now 23. In this time I was able to finish highschool, graduate university with a Bachelor of Journalism and now work full-time for a blue-chip company. I am 1/2 way through an MBA and have been promoted twice this year.

I decided to give weed the flick yesterday after a heavy weekend with my mates. Today is day 2 and wanted to express to faceless names how I felt and show some empathy towards other people here.

I spent last night trying to sleep and found myself tossing and turning and woke myself up about 8 times in the night to find myself wondering whether I had been asleep or awake in those hours. I guess this is the first time in many months that I have gone to bed smoke free for 24 hours, I awoke this morning not knowing whether I had slept the night or not.

Today at work, my boss decided she was feeling angry so chose to ride me most of the day on simple and menial tasks which I dutifully performed. The reason I let her have her way and don't create a storm is for the fact she is 32, uneducated and still believe employee of the month is the best way to crate a team culture in a work place.

I see people on here who wake up and chop, or who take time in their day to suck on a pipe or blow away a fat one. I'm not like this: I never smoke before or during work and rarely would I hit the bowl before 7 in the evening.

The reason i want to stop is that I can't cut down and just want some clarity back to my head and the ability to go out and not make excuses to my friends. One of my best mates smokes tripple what I do and I have to tell the dude that I can't hang out with him anymore.

I guess I just want to clean up for both my mental and physical health. I have a girlfriend who is supportive but struggle with two parents who smoke every day. It seems I have seen them growing up and realised it's ok to smoke all day and hold down a great job and support a family, but realistically I am so far from them and that feeling I need to quit.

I hope someone reads this and replies to it because today has been a struggle and after a couple of shots of whiskey the edge is gone and I can, as much as my mind will let me, relax and watch the game.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas which can help me through the first three days, three weeks, three months, three years.

I am an Australian and I don't see many of us on here and would like to know if anyone on here is an aussie and can give me some advice relating back to Australian thinking, culture and way of life.

For now I will go back to the game, in the hope someone gets back to me and get through tonight with a well of tears behind my eyes, shaking hands and a will to fight to see tommorrow's morning through clear eyes and a brave smile.

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Postby Bardoc » Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:09 am


I wish I would have seen this post a few days ago when you wrote it. Many people in your position would have given up by now. The first attempt, the first few days, and basically doing it alone are pretty tough and full of unknowns.

I am not an Aussie, but we definitely have a lot in common. The only difference might be that I traveled down that road you are going many times before. I too, like you, wasn't a "wake and bake" type of person because of my occupation, but I couldn't wait to get home to take that first hit.

First, understand that failures are only part of this process. After many failed attempts, we start to view ourselves as weak and much of the confidence you need to overcome this habit is lost. I used to be envious of the people I would hear about who, for whatever reason, just decided to quit one day and succeeded after years of daily smoking or whatever addiction they might have had. Now I realize that there was probably more to that story.

Success or separation from something that has had such a grip on you, or has become such a part of you, is not easily given up. Like I said, failure is only part of the process. It is not until we fail (in some cases many times) that we realize we have lost control. It is not until this awakening that we can and should take this seriously.

I have written some extensive posts on the benefits of using 5-HTP during this phase. This would help you with the sleeping and irritability. When the nightmares begin (7-10 days), it can turn those into much more pleasant ones too.

The support of your girlfriend is going to be a great help to you. Many people in this situation typically do not have any support because they have surrounded themselves with nothing but smokers. Just keep in my mind that when you want to smoke and she tries to interfere, that you asked for that help and support, and you need it. If you resist her, you are only proving the point that you have a problem.

Here are few reasons why people fail:

1. A weak commitment
2. A negative attitude
3. An unwillingness to change
4. A short-cut mindset
5. Lack of information
6. Lack of support
7. No plan or goals
8. No long-term vision

I wish you the best of luck. Keep it up. It really is possible!

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Postby beam_me_up787 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:01 am

Thought I'd chip in to give inspiration to some of you folk.

I'm a 35yr old UK gay male and had smoked heavily since 15, mainly cigs. Weed didn't really feature til my mid 20s and then mainly socially however the last 5 or so years this really ramped up as a result of a difficult relationship break up. I got to the point where I was smoking more weed than cigs, up to 10 joints a day, on my own, affecting my concentration, work, social life, libido, looks, self esteem the lot. I was easily spending £30-£50 per week on weed alone. Smoking was all that mattered.

Decided at New Year 08 that I had finally had enough and needed to quit everything. It's now mid June which by my calculations makes me on day 168 and not had one relapse. Completely smoke free! I'm very proud of this, I thought it would be a battle I would never be able to overcome, that I was too weak or gone too far down the line. But I have. It's been a struggle, moreso in the first 2-3months and I cannot be complacent, however I can honestly say hand on heart I don't miss it or really think about it now. I still have work to do on myself but I feel 'released' from the chains of my addiction and I know I won't be reverting back.

I don't come on here that often nowadays, perhaps that says something about where I am now and what I have achieved although I found this site, particularly other peoples' stories and views, an immensely valuable source of information and support in the beginning. I also took advantage of my local NHS stop smoking service which I found helpful too.

I wanted to share my story briefly in the hope it will assist others.

If I can do it you can too. Trust me.

(PS Happy to share detail on how I did it, what I went through, coping mechanisms etc for anyone who would like to know)
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Postby Kickinthekush » Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:43 pm

Hi all...I just stumbled across this forum researching rehabilitation centers and I think it's fantastic that all you courageous individuals are willing to share your stories. I am 29 years old and I smoked my first joint at the age of 13. Pot has always been my primary drug of choice, although, I spent many years dabbling in harder substances. Lucky for me the use of those harder substances never followed me out of the after-hours party seen. When the music stopped so did my fascination with the party enhancers.

I have always had an addictive personality, but, if it wasn't for American reality television I probably would have never figured it out. Watching celebrity rehab on MTV I was able to identify that I am the worst type of addict - a binge addict. Once I start a behavior I just can't get enough. Once I smoke that first joint of the day I want to continue smoking until I pass out. It's the same thing with alcohol, cigarettes, school work and just about anything else you can think of.

Now that I have graduated from university I find myself in a bit of a rut. What started off as blowing off some steam turned into a 6 month self indulgent binge. In fact, the only good thing I did for myself this year was to kick my cigarette addiction. I am seriously considering checking myself into a rehabilitation facility so I can exorcize my inner demons and begin sober living. I'm a Canadian local, does anyone know of a facility in North America that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Peace out and stay sober...

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Postby comeonthearsenal » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this thread and it's reassuring to know there are others in the same boat.

I'm 20 and have been smoking dope since I was about 15. It first started as a fun or "cool" thing to do, i felt a real buzz and it was brilliant. Through the years i've smoked more and more.

Back when I was in year 7 I was predicted A's and B's and I wanted to go to sixth form and then uni. Until, of course, i got into dope. I think a lot of the problem was that quite a few of my close mates started it and, naturally i followed suit. As soon as I was in that habit i didn't want to do school work and my enthusiasm dropped dramatically. All i wanted to do was go out and smoke dope, i'd do it at school, after school and in the evening.

I fell behind on coursework and left school with a few D's and worse. At the time i thought, oh well i'll just do an apprenticeship. So i went to college and got a carpentry job working with one guy. he smoked dope regularly aswell and i thought "jackpot, i can smoke it at work aswell". I thought it was brilliant at the time and have been working there ever since.

I'm now a qualified carpenter and was happy just doing my days work, coming home and smoking weed or going out and smoking weed. I don't really drink and stopped going out with a lot of the people i used to hang about with. I only really hang about with my best mate now, i've known him since primary school and he's pretty much the same as me, could have been anything he wanted but he's now a scaffolder and doesn't do much, except smoke weed and play games.

I recently found out i'm being made redundant due to financial difficulties in the company, so i've been thinking about my life a lot. I could go and get a carpentry job but i'm now regretting not doing my A-levels/Uni. I have absolutely no doubt that dope is the reason my life hasn't turned out how i wanted. I don't have a girlfriend and never really go to the pub or anywhere to socialize. The addiction will only get worse the longer i smoke it and anyone that says it doesn't affect you mentally doesn't know what their talking about.

So i'm taking the plunge starting Monday, i bought my last eighth tonight and will smoke that in the next few days, then it's goodbye weed (hopefully).
I've had enough of it to be honest, i don't want to think what i've spent on it over the years but i'm hoping that by quitting i'll be a lot more clear headed. I'm hoping to go to college and do A-levels or something equivalent with a view to going to uni. Make some new friends and get myself a missus!

I'm hopeful i can do it and i know it's going to be very tough. I haven't been sober for 24hrs in a long time and that's pretty worrying. I'm still pretty young and have a chance to change my life completely. i'm pretty anxious about it and keep having doubts but i'm sure thats just the weed thinking for me.

Anyway a bit of an essay but it feels good to share it.
I may post some updates as to how i'm getting on.

So here goes...........
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Postby milesgordon » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:24 am

Hello all this is my first post here, just joined. Would like to share my story and what worked for me. I am 30 I have been smoking marijuana heavily since the age of 20, everyday wake up and bake. Im a musician/songwriter and writer and i thought that it helped me be more creative. It kinda did at first, all these great ideas, senses stimulated, intuition open, bypassing analysis. However it started to get out of my control, I couldn't stop I was one of these guys who bought an ounce and it would last him 2-3 days. At first I'd say to myself " Ill cut down only do it at night etc.." But as soon as I got the stuff I would smoke and in the morning would feel heavy and down and only a joint would help. I tried to quit many times, would go through the withdrawal symptoms, but would eventually fall back. The thing is I would quit for lets say 2 weeks. 3 weeks even a month, but then there would inevitably come a day when either :
1- I was feeling great, strong physically, mentally etc. I had my sh** together finally, and a voice in my head would say. "You got it under control now, whats a joint gonna hurt, theres a great movie on tonight why not buy and just have it at home and do it occasionally."
2- I would suffer from insomnia, and it wouldnt go away, and I was so tired that i thought only buying pot again would help me get some rest.
3- Id have a bad day, someone dissapointed me or whatever, id feel angry and I would say to myself "**** it.."
4- Reality would come flooding back and it was painful ! "I have wasted my twenties!" what have i done with my life !!!etc.." guilt, pain, depression, self loathing. So too painful lets go back...
So I would buy, and of course I couldn't keep it under control, I couldnt have it in the house and not do it.
I have quit about 3 weeks ago, but this time I feel its different. There are moments when I feel existence is telling you "get off the boat, now!" thats when you have to do it and not tell yourself tomorrow or next week, NO NOW. Perhaps its Astrology for those of you who believe in it, i like to think its Astronomy ;)
So anyways what worked for me was I quit and I did a juice fast. You ease into it, first no fried food or junk food, no foods with preservatives, lots of fruit and vegetables for 3 days then u start:
carrot, beetroot, parsley, spinach, kale leaves into a juicer, drink the juice as often as u like. In between drink lots of water with lemon.
when u feel very weak or feel bad eat a big spoonful of Propolis (its sort of like honey, made by bees.) its full of vitamins and very good for you. I managed 8 days- I wont lie to you the first 2 days you will feel hot flashes, and feel very tired. Do it only if you can stay at home and rest a lot, after it will get easier and the hunger will be manageable. Dont do strenuous exercise.
This has helped me so much with quitting marijuana. When fasting the energy that usually goes to digestion instead is focused on healing the body, and mind. In addition no new toxins are introduced into the body. You feel more loving and less judgmental (to others and towards yourself, forgive yourself, let go.of the past...) less stressed.
For those of you who think you will starve or suffer from protein defficiency google it on the internet i tried to post the link it didnt let me here. Its at freedomyou.
Ignore the religious or spiritual stuff on the website if your not into that, it doesnt make the physical reality of a fast any less true.
I felt so much better, clearer and with more willpower. I love myself more. Doing a fast is sort of like rebooting a computer, out goes the negative patterns of behavior, out goes the past, in comes hope and forgiveness. After the fast Im trying to stay in a better diet, less food with additives etc.
Also exercise is so important, Yoga has helped me enormously I never used to do it but I have started and it helps fight away the depressed thoughts and emotions. in addition because my psyche is in a vulnerable state; I protect it, the way I have done this is :
No more depressing, heavy or sad movies, books or even music. My taste used to gravitate towards that but not now, now I watch comedies, if that makes me shallow so be it !
I do not hang around people who try to put me down or are negative or pessimistic. I have had to cut off some friends who were of the passive aggressive type.
This is the time to protect yourself, protect your psyche. This is the time to be selfish, you come first. If that means cutting out some people so be it as well. Its been 3 weeks for me. I wont lie to you some days are better than others. Some days I am strong, positive, and full of resolve. some days my mind starts playing tricks on me, or I feel down, or I just want to smoke a huge f***ing joint and watch a movie.
The reason Im writing this to you right now, is because today for me was one of the bad days, I miss the weed, my mind is messing with me. I almost called the dealer..Came so close, but instead i googled marijuana addiction and stumbled onto this site, and read all your posts and was moved because im not alone. So what helped get through another day was humbly sharing this information with all of you, thank you for listening.
One last thing ( I know its long..) Dependancy on anything is an associative thing, in other words if you used to stay at home watch tv and smoke weed or surf the internet. You will have to re associate these activities without the weed, everytime you do the activity without it you are breaking the habit, and the neurotransmitters in your brains will create new links and break the old ones. In other words have faith, it will get easier as time progresses, but always be alert to the tricks and games your mind can play on you. For those of you quitting, your bad day will come, it will be the test, your mind will try to fool you. My humble suggestion is do something else immediately, get out of the house and go to the movies and watch a comedy (Tropic Thunder not Pineapple Express) :)
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