Personal Development Plan - Part 6

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Phase 5 – Review progress

Last but not least, here is the final post in the Personal Development Plan series. Feedback so far has been very positive (although sent to my Private Mail - don't be shy, post what you think in the forum :wink: !)

Next will be a companion series of postings on Goal Setting. Until then!

In large organizations or companies, a formal review of your development plan is usually done every 6 months, with maybe one or two informal reviews in between.

It’s important to take a look at the bigger picture to see your progress more clearly and not be obscured by the daily ups and downs. I think one of the best feelings is to look back over three or six months effort and to suddenly realize exactly how far you have come.

You may have set up some kind of reward associated with the big review or each mini-review. Have fun and celebrate your successes.

Reviewing your progress is very much like phase 1 where you checked out your current reality. You may want to consider getting feedback from the same people to check out if your efforts have been effective (or in vain!).

Checking your progress allows you to reflect on what is working and what is not, so you can adjust your actions or change course if you are not achieving what you want.

You may discover that you needed to work on more things than you originally thought or that it is taking longer than you expected to reach your goals – that’s okay. The best project managers take account of such things and amend their plans accordingly.

Just as a reminder, here are the headings to use for your Personal Development Plan.

    Focus Area Now

    Will Be?

    How known?




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