My Wife Is Self-Destructing

Postby Fresha » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:53 pm

I had recently seperated from my wife but her Bulimia and drinking problems returned.

I have now made-up with my wife, moved back in with her and things have gone from bad to worse. I have plunged into the abbyss. My wife has been unable to get out of bed for six days because she is so drunk. I don't drink but I have a history of alcoholism, I have been dry for 9 years. I came home from work on Thursday evening and our flatmate opened the door. He said he had found my wife unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and an ambulance was on its way. The paramedics checked her over but she refused to go to hospital because she didn't want to wait in a queue. The paramedics and myself tried to persuade her for 45 minutes but she became more abusive. She is taking amitriptyline and antaethyl and drinking on top of this. This is a lethal combination, antaethyl is for alcohol abuse. However my wife is oblivious to the dangers. She has missed work for 6 days now, each morning I phone in on her behalf with ever more complex excuses. I assured her manager she would go in today and the manager said she wanted to call in another woman just incase my wife didn't show up but I promised the manager my wife would be there. This morning my wife couldn't get out of the bed. On top of this she is bulimic and has not eaten a proper meal in weeks. In the last six days she has eaten a few apples. Up until 4 days ago she had been making herself sick to an extreme. She puts a toothbrush down her throat and vomits into a bucket and then pours the puke down the toilet. This is a ritual she goes through. We have been to several GP appointments but her GP fails to see the gravity of the situation and so my wife remains on a list for alcohol and bulimia therapy. In the last 3 years she has attended just one of these meetings because she has either been too drunk or too depressed to go and so they remove her from the list after we have been waiting for months and months. When I am at work she just lies in bed, watching music videos and drinking. She is so dehydrated she can't breathe through her nose properly. We have some cats but she never feeds them so I get home from work to find them very hungry with my wife lying drunk in bed. At work I am a silent, stressed, frowning man. My wife's brother had let us move to one of his houses rent-free but when he discovers my wife has deteriorated again he will throw us out. The daily stress is building. I am taking 12 neurofen plus and 12 syndol pills each day, sometimes more.

Before I was lonely and permanently worried about my wife. Now I am re-united with her I can do nothing. When I try to stop her from drinking by physically taking the can off her she threatens to call the police. It may seem a good idea to get the police involved but judging from many previous examples the police tend to make the situation much, much worse.

Before, with the Buddhist temple, the two cats and the nag champa. There was a chance of inner peace but I felt so anxious about my wife. I knew if I had just let her be she would die. It's impossible to meditate and feel spiritual when the person you love is self-destructing on the other side of the city. This morning my wife was docile but positive. She promised me she would continue with the medication and not drink. I went out to the shops, for some cat food, vegetables and mineral water. When I got home I found ten empty cans of strong lager hidden in the wardrobe, under the bed and in other locations. She had got through these ten cans in just 2 hours. She can't talk or walk. I also found the box of amitriptylines open on the bed. And this is on top of 250mg antaethyl, which, when combined with alcohol, can induce a heart attack. I told her I will call an ambulance. She started screaming and became abusive and violent. Her face is white, her lips are cracked, her eyes are sunken. I'm waiting for her to die. I'm wondering what peace and clarity I have surrendered for this new hell.
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Postby jurplesman » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:19 am

I am afraid normal medical services will have problems understanding the underlying biochemistry of alcoholism and Eating Disorders. Both are related to a hypoglycemic condition. It is best to get her referred to a nutritional doctor, who may be able to help.
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Postby Datura » Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:31 am

She's a danger to herself - call the authorities.
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Postby Dave IS here, man » Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:43 am

jurplesman - I have been giving you the benefit of the doubt with your posts because i agree that high glycemic diet does not do the body best. But you are a dipsh*t and you have now made that official.

Fresha - my heart goes out to you. I hope that you your wife can put in the effort like you before it is too late, I cannot imagine the heartbreak.
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