Anxiety and Love


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Nooskalie Bless you! You are not alone it's a harrowing experience and everything feels so so real but like me and everyone else you are suffering from fear. That is all. Relationship OCD. I know it's confusing and you spend every day trying to convince yourself but trust me that's what this is and you definitely need to work on you but maybe you could fix things, I learnt how to love deeper but I think you out should get some therapy it's very difficult to deal with alone when you don't know what it all means. Be aware that you are looking for signs that you do love him and it's a form of reassurance I mean I used to sit and ready these and it's good to learn about it and feel support but just be aware that you may use these websites to decreee your anxiety which is a sure sign that's what your dealing with this is how Pure OCD works. You will be okay again :) I have broke up with my bf now but for real reasons after I got better again like I definitely loved him again because I got rid of the fear. My life's a better place than it was 2/3 years ago!!

I dunno where you live but like I said in my last post I would suggest BWRT therapy it can be done by Skype it can get between your trigger and the feelings of fear so essentially your not feeling scared anymore so you start to work out that actually there isn't any problems!

Good luck don't lose faith! Hope you have a positive day and maybe check out Sheryl Paul's blog that helped me a lot
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