THE MUNDANE: The Bipolar Factor and Walter A. Lurie

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Social psychologist Walter A. Lurie, in his article published in 1937, posited four factors relevant to human interaction and the history of civilization in the West.1 These values were: theoretical, social, religious and mundane. The mundane factor was bipolar Lurie argued. He described this bipolar factor as follows: economic, political, and aesthetic scales or indices existed in the world of the mundane. Economic and political scales existed on one pole of the mundane and aesthetic scales existed on the opposite pole of the mundane.

The psychologist Hans Eysenck(1916-1997) described this same personality type, the mundane, bipolar personality as: aggressive, go-getter, utilitarian, and anti-cultural.2 -Ron Price with thanks to 1Walter A. Lurie, "A Study of Spranger's Value-Types by the Method of Factor Analysis," The Journal of Social Psychology, Volume 8, Issue 1 1937, pp.17-37; and 2Hans Eysenck, The Psychology of Politics, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1954.

This was the type we confronted in '37
when we started to systematically put
that Plan into action as humanity began
to enter the outer fringes of the great
catastrophe which was WW2 & another
stage in the greatest tempest the world
had ever seen perhaps since the direct
ancestor of homo sapiens and homo
500,000 YA—the first hominid to
have religion—at a time when France
and England were joined together.....

Of course, there were other types, but
the process of connecting Light to a
Light has been both slow and fast in
these last three quarters of a century
of Plans in this darkest heart of an age
of transition which is my life as world
population went from 1.5 billion to....
perhaps, 8.5 billion, if I live until I am
100 years old in 2044:1...bicentennial
of a new age---- incredible Baha'i Era.

1 Report of The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs/Population Division, UN Secretariat, United Nations, NY, 2004.

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