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jsbabybear wrote:Oh also wanted to ask...are you now anxiety free? And if so for how long? What was the turning point for you?

Hi that's a shame the bant site didn't help but I guarantee they'll be nutritional doctors in your area they are quite a big industry now, I presume genova will post results to your nhs gp but often your nhs gp won't want to know about this kind of stuff as its outside there parameters of practice. I don't get anxiety or panic attacks these days, I had issues with under methylation and my bilary system which were possibly linked. Methylation had caused deficiencies in copper and manganese, bilary system major deficiencies in the fat soluble vitamins, so I had to address the methylation and bilary probs and supplement what I was deficient in. And when I did that the anxiety and panics which were aggrevated immediately after eating the wrong things completely vanished slowly but surely.
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