What is it?? When you loose your sense of being?

Postby lastflower161 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:12 am

from a young age i have always know what i wanted to do, and tryed my best to get what i needed to do it, no matter what. i have the right stuff, and many opptions, yet i feel like, well i don't really know how to describle it, but its a deep feeling, inside where my heart is.

Somwthing isen't right.. i should feel good, im out of the dark place and im back on track i should be getting a job or doing more stuff to further my education.. i am doing some stuff to gain experince and knowledge yet i still feel stuck in the ground, its like a mid life crisis yet im only 22 so its not really mid life?

i don't know whats best for me, i only have one soul, only one, and i will not forsake it, yet if i go on this road i may forsake myself, beond repair, i have sinned to myself in the past and lost my spirit, but i need a sense of being, a purson in my life, or really what is the point, i can't live without a purpose.. but what is now my purson, i had one, it was a good one, but now its gone and im seraching for answers and there are none..

how do i fox this?
how do i feel good again?
what road do i choose?
will i ever find what i lost?
what is my purpose and where is it?

-__- i feel really lost right now..
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Postby Severijn » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:06 pm

Hi lastflower161.

Age 22 is an age of some anxiety and uncertainty, especially if you had troubles earlier in your life. If you made bad school/job decisions or if you didn't have the friends you wanted to have, for example.

But I hear you are "on the right track", so that sounds good. Maybe it's just to early to feel good, and feel that you have a purpose in life. Just keep doing what is right and productive, and things will fall into place later on.

Keep doing what is right now, and you'll I think find answers in the future.

Also, it's probably a good idea to read some self-help and spiritual books if you're unsure about life. You can find answers there about what is meaningful in life and about how to find your purpose.
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Postby reflex » Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:23 am

You will find it again i promise!

Join a community organisation and volunteer your time, a church if it doesnt offend you!

You will find that when you give from your heart with no expectations, good things will come! Focus on others!! It really helps and comes with a laod of good karma attached to it!
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Postby lastflower161 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:43 am

thank you for your advice.

it woulden't offend me working in a church but it would make me feel alittle uncomfortable, i had alot of faith at one stage in my life, its gone now, i am christien and i still believe alittle, but to enter such holy ground, knowing i no longer have that faith, makes me kind of a lemon in an apple field.. really visable.

but i'll look some more into the volentary aspect and i just hope im making the right choices, these choices once i have made them, there is no going back.. i will have no choice but to follow. thats why its so important to pick the right road.
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