My first hypnosis subjects and success!!


Postby ElliotMarx » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:37 am

Bhups, great write up mate and congrats on your first wins! You inspired me to contribute my own story which I've just added to the forum.

I hope we can both learn a great deal from our initial hypnosis experiences and benefit from the wealth of knowledge on this forum.

Keep up the great work and make sure you update with your future successes and challenges!

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Postby PADDY O'GELLAR » Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:33 am

bhups wrote:I previously tried the magnetic figures and magnetic hands, with her some months back when I was still at the very beginning stage to see if I can hypnotise her and she know that they were a gimmick and did not believe that I was making it happen.


Hi there bhups,
I dont really thinkj that "Magnetic Hands" is in any way a Gimmick. There is no physical reason for the hands to come together (except for the power of your suggestion and her accepting that)
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Postby bhups » Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:34 pm

Thanks Elliot, I will put my progress as I keep on trying to put people under.

Paddy, I thought the hands tend to tire and then come together naturally anyway :S
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Postby bhups » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:56 pm


I had a round 2 at hypnotising, but with failure on hand stick and number amnesia.

Four of us went to the pub yesterday, and 1 of my mates, who is too interested in hypnosis wanted to try see what it will be like.

I said ok let go for it.
He was sitting opposite me and there was a table in-between us. It was a bit in the way, but I thought we can just make do with it.

I got the compliance going well by having him place his hands flat on the table and relaxing himself.
Then I got him to do the magnetic fingers and hands, which also went very well.
Then the arm levitation, also being perfect (although I had to repeat it for quite a while for the hand to float about 10 cm off the table).
Then I got the hand and head magnet to work, again with a lot of energy from me insisting it to happen.
I also got him to start laughing while the hand got closer to his head.
Got his laugh to change into a demonic laugh and also like a old lady lol!
But as that hand touched his head, I insisted that it will stick. It did not happen. I kept telling him it WILL now stick to his head, and harder he tries to un-stick it, the more it sticks, but this did not work.

Then I got him to relax and drift that hand down, only as quickly as he relaxes and as that hand touched the table, he would relax even more.

Again at this point I said, this hand will not stick to the table, and harder you try to un-stick it, more it sticks. Unfortunately this did not work again.

Then I got him to relax again and breathing firmly. His face did show a lot of relaxation and I know he was in a trance.

I now told him to see the number 3, and to then rub it off, and when tries to count the fingers in his hand he will NOT be able to say the number 3. Got him to open his eyes and asking to count the fingers. He was able to say 3. I kept insisting that the number 3 is now rubbed off his mind and GONE. But it did not work.

I then put him back in and tried the name amnesia.
Got him to imagine his name written somewhere and asked for him to tell me. He said in a notebook.
I said Ok, now where the name is, I want you to paint that page ALL black with a marker until the name no-longer appears on the page. And also, I want that name to disappear from your mind. Asked for him to nod his head when that was done.
Got him to open his eyes and asked his name, it took him a second longer then usual to say his name, but he did remember it and said it.

We stopped here.

When I asked for feedback, he said the following:
1. When I tried to deepen the trance, by saying, "every breath you take and every word I say, you will go deeper", it distracted him as it reminded him of a song by STING and as I said this a few times, he started to get a little mad as he doesn't like the song.
2. When asked to stick his hand and forget stuff, he said he mentally did not want that to happen as he wanted that much control of him self and not let others control him.
3. He did not mind the suggestions about the hand floating and laughing as he said that it was cool and was up for it to happen and nothing in his mind had anything against it.
4. Also as it was a bit loud he sometimes could not hear me.

I do feel a bit mad as this did not work, but as Thomas Wayne said: And why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

Any tips if I were to redo this better would be VERY appreciated.
And also why did I fail at hand stick and amnesia?

Kind regards,
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Postby bhups » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:07 pm

Ohhhh My God!

I finally feel almost indestructible! (overstatement! but you know how you felt when you were on a role!)

Another leaving drinks session at my work place and I hypnotised 4 colleagues!

It all seems to be VERY easy now :shock:

I found that some suggestions were just bringing people out so I stopped using them, i.e. helium balloons making the hand float higher. Instead just suggesting the arm lifting only as deeply as they go and relax, and then bring it down as they go deeper and deeper.

Hand stick was VERY easy!
Name and number amnesia too was very easy!
Visual hallucinations also very easy!

The trick is trying to put it in a context that they person is willing to accept it. Simply telling them does not work for all things.

Now that the confidence has built up, I am just gonna try on as many people as I can, and if I screw up, I'll know where and do it a second time to fix it!

Thanks all for all your support and advice!

With great power comes great responsibility, and now I hope to take it to a therapeutic stage now.
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