Swollen Cheeks??

Postby Sophie1515 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:07 pm

Well, I have had an eating disorder for about 7 years now (am 19 now), I was anorexic, then it moved into mostly bingeing and restricting... and in the last week, I made myself throw up a few times. I had never been able to when I'd tried so many times before, but somehow I was this week.
Anyways, this happened on Mon. and Tues.. and since then I haven't b/p at all. I felt completely horrible the next day after purging.. and I can safely say I won't be doing it again.
However, on Thurs. I looked in the mirror and saw that under my chin/jaw area, and around my cheeks was super puffy and swollen!! My throat had also felt extremely tired, and I had difficulty talking for a long period of time.. and I thought all of these symptoms were likely from throwing up.. since I had to be pretty rough on myself.

But I went to the doc yesterday, and she wasn't so sure it would be from throwing up, so I got tested for mono and strep, and I'm negative for both! Soooo... I'm just confused. It seems too coincidental for me to throw up and then suddenly my throat and jaw become swollen out of the blue. So is it likely that purging caused this?? Will it go down soon as long as I don't purge again??
Thanks so much.. I'm worried over here :/.
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Postby stella_blues » Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:49 pm

Your salivary glands (located in the cheeks, near the upper molars) kick into overdrive when you purge. They can become inflamed for a few days. They say one tell-tale sign of a bulimic is a pufffy face.
Under your jaw line are you adrenal glands. These get swollen when they start making lots of white bloods cells (I think that's what they make) to fight off a local or systemic infectiton. Is it possible you caused an abrasion of your esophagus when you purged? This would explain it. Also the change in your voice.

Purging has so many implications. It's a quick fix but SO not worth it. The puffy face thing; you might as well proclaim to the world "I'm bulimic." :oops:
Please don't take that road.
It just ain't worth the trouble. Trust me.
Stay strong.
Food issues are a big deal. Get support. Keep posting here if it helps. 8)
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