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if a subjects hand is stuck to a table, and when they try to lift it sticks you think that the client is aware that they are doing it, or at least participating in that process?

Does the client have to buy in 100% to the notion of some external force, be it the hypnotist, the metaphor of glue, the power of the mind....something other than their choice is making that hand stick in place, so that perfomative is lost/a deep level of dissociation taking place.

If the client can be aware that they are doing it, is it possible to maintain a sort of half and half awareness...that they are both aware that they are doing it but can suspend their disbelief in the same way that they can enjoy a book or movie, full in the knowledge that it's not real but at some level responding as if it is.

If that multi level awareness is possible, where something is real at some level and not real at another is it possible for the hypnotist to work with that, in a feedback loop, for example 'on a scale of one to ten how stuck is that hand' and then progress the subject up that scale....for example using and analogue ideomotor movement or Jon Chases' Hypnotic Symbolism; I ask because I'm interested in developing opportunities for working with feedback.......

I was recently hypnotised by a well known hypnotist.......whenever minimal hypnotic phenomena occurred he would start to really hammer the language in an attempt to drive the process along with pressupositions; all it did was get in the way of developing the phenomena because he was making assumptions that weren't true of my experience so the beginnings of a floating arm (for example) faded....

I'm sure if I had said to him 'give me a moment' I could of located and developed the phenomena, but he was very much in authoritarian mode and I was too much of a coward to say anything to him at the time !!

Any help would be great

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