Postby Riah26 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:43 pm

Hi I'm new to this but I was wondering. In the past I have been anorexic for a few years then healed from it but now I feel I'm over weight and over eating because in my head I keep telling myself I will eventually go on a diet so for now I binge out. But in reality thats not healthy. Also not all the time but 70-75% of the time I'm home alone which makes it worse... I've had a hard past to maybe that has something to do with it. I just need some advice and help before I cant control it. Thank-you
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Postby toshtao » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:33 pm

Riah, this overeating problem of yours will not go away overnight. I have had similar issues in the past, and I had to cut back on eating to get back to a normal diet plan. I suggest you try to eat less and less each day. Do not over do it, though, as this can be very unhealthy for you. The goal here is to get your body used to a lower volume of food, and to do that you need to take things slow.

For example, if you are eating 2,000 calories a day, I suggest you cut that down to 1,900 the next day. Make sure you count the calorie count while doing this.

If this simple yet effective method does not work for you as it did me, then seeing either a weight loss specialist or trying a diet plan might be for you.

I hope this helps!
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Postby micalhassi » Tue May 01, 2012 4:12 am

First of all you have to do some thing like build inner confidence, make promise with himself that you will obey all the diet rule and regulations then you will be successful if perform our promise. Plan a proper diet and add all the foods which are not high cholesterol, protein and less fat. make a balance of foods in diet. Fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken all these include in a proper manner.
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Postby chanrich » Wed May 02, 2012 12:17 pm

First of all you must believe you are all perfect. Just start believing that you are perfectly fine and you are as you want to look. Feel that even it means forcibly for few days.

Slowly you will find youself feeling light and this habit of overeating will recede periodically.
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Postby roxanne » Wed May 02, 2012 1:48 pm

There are many ways to limit your self in eating foods, you must know your standards or what you really want to your self but remember if you are in diet
you must be in a healthy diet. because of people abuse their health to gain what they really want. Some of the ways are eating spicy foods, it really helps you to loose your weight.
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Postby eaallp » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:03 pm


I will suggest you not to eat too much fatty food which will increase your weight. While you are feeling hungry you can take some fruits, some juice or like light foods which may decrease your weight. So don't stop eating but try to control dieting and eating light foods.
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