Out of control & desperate for help :-(

Postby MummyPig » Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:18 am

Hi, I've just registered on this forum in a desperate search for some help.

I have a really unhealthy relationship with food. I'm either whiter than white, eating really well and losing weight OR I'm spirallying out of control and eating everything I can lay my hands on. It's like having an internal light that's either on or off, when it's on everything is great and in control (food wise), when it's off, I'm not, but I don't know how to control the switch. If that makes sense :-/

I seek food out, and eat in secret hiding the evidence as I'm embrassed at the amount. I hate being overweight, and it's limiting my life so much. I say no to most invitations because I feel so awful about myself. I know all about the health risks and I'm despreate to be a good role model for my daughter, but I still can't help myself. If I do try and explain it to someone they don't understand, they think it's a simple case of "well, don't eat so much then".

I've made an appointment to see my GP but she can't see me for another month. Is there anywhere else I can go? I don't have loads of money to pay for private sessions.

Yours hopefully x
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Postby Fenice » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:57 pm

There are tools and techniques that could help you incredibly. Like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I highly recommend as I personally use it.

First of all, you have to acknowledge that changing an automatic pattern (eating more than necessary) will take time, consistent effort, and persistence.

I would begin using the EFT technique to tap on the following emotions whenever they arise:

1. seeking food out
2. disapproving of yourself (feeling awful and ashamed)

By tapping on these emotions you allow yourself to be in a level of harmony along with self-acceptance in your current situation, so get it out of your system. And once you've achieved that, you'll be in a place to make more positive choices like lessen your carb intake,a 15-20 minute jogging or walking at least twice or thrice a week.
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