Giving eating disorder kids a better healing environments is

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The precise cause of eating disorders is not entirely understood, but there is evidence that it may be linked to other medical conditions and situations.We know that the consequences of eating disorders can be severe, including death(either from direct medical effects of disturbed eating habits or from comorbid conditions such as suicidal thinking).So all parents with eating disorder children want to cure the children as soon as possible.Of course, parents are crucial “nurse” but not profession enough.

The treatment methods contains: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, family therapy, behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, music Therapy, recreation therapy, art therapy, nutrition counseling, medication, self-help and guided self-help, psychoanalysis.
Different situation with different treatments.However,no matter which therapy,a good treatment environments is important.According to Kathryn Weaver , hearing parents’ stories is rather helpful to create supportive healing environments for eating disorder patient.

More details can be get at 《Giving eating disorder kids a better healing environments is helpful for the treatment》.
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My daughter 14 is showing signs of anorexia, confirmed with a hospital educational therapist. Seems it is onset by tremendous stress caused by an issue with her father. He has been very difficult and knowing that conjugal violence was the reason of divorce, I am seeing how she is being affected by it now. I contacted the school but it seems she doesn't want to talk to the councilor for fear that her schoolmates will find out something is wrong. Not sure what might next steps will be.....

Definitely in the psychological help though... Not sure if this is the case for most teens going through eating disorders...

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