Hypnosis suggestion structure help?

Postby seeker3812 » Mon Aug 01, 2005 4:26 pm

Would like some advice concerning suggestion strucrture. I was taught self hypnosis by a hypnotist some years ago. So many books and practitioners use affirmation type suggestions (present tense - "I am", "I have", and "I am becoming". Or if they use "I will" they require a trigger.

I would like to use direct suggestions to accomplish goals using format such as "I will become totally confident". My experience is that using present tense it takes a while to see results and results are slow in coming. My logic is that present tense is slower because you are only using the imagination. With direct sugestion such as "I will become confident" you are using imagination plus will, which according to pioneers such as Emile Coue is more powerful. I have seen a few hypnosis books with examples such as this but it is not emphasized. Additionally, my thinking is that no additional trigger such as a specific time frame should be required unless "will" is a passive word to the subconscious. By my logic "I will become totally confident" should be taken as a goal which the subconscious starts working on immediately upon acceptance and simply progresses to completion in due course.

On the other hand I am not a professionally trained hypnotist and could be missing something. I would appreciate comments on whether my theory is correct and accordingly my structure would be more effective than using a present tense "I am" affirmation in hypnosis.
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Postby satanstoystore » Wed Aug 24, 2005 4:12 am

well the subconscious doesn't actually relatevize time. I mean, it's all one and the same. Or essentially all points are "now". So I'd use present tense. And linguistically that makes sense too. Because so long as you are becoming you are never really achieving. Kinda like the frog that always jumps half as far as it did before- it never gets to the destination.

I'd use present tense and in first person, it tells the subconscious how to be rather than how you want (to be).
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Postby Nigel H » Thu Sep 22, 2005 7:05 pm


Basic rules for formulating hypnotic suggestions are:

BE POSITIVE [I.E. cannot use 'you will not tense up or become nervous']
Instead use - 'I am always calm, relaxed and composed'
BAD = you will have no difficulty falling asleep
GOOD = you will fall asleep easily and effortlessly

BE SPECIFIC - Your unconscious loves adjectives and descriptive phrases - choose words that depict vivid imagery and that evoke emotion.
BAD = you are an excellent public speaker
BETTER = you are wonderfully at ease with other people and especially enjoy talking to them, your gestures are spontaneous and relaxed.

BE REALISTIC - make the goal appealing enough to provide incentive, but not so dramatic that it seems implausible. if the desired result is measurable then note the measurement in your suggestion, such as actual size or weight.

BE REPETITIVE - this helps strengthen the suggestion and aid it's retention.

USE PRESENT-TENSE VERBS - Speak of the desired goal as alrady accomplished and NEVER refer to past situations.
BAD = you are calmer now than you were last week
BETTER = each day you grow calmer and calmer/stronger

Avoid words such as 'try' which presupposes doubt
Your suggestions must be goal oriented and speak of success - foucs on the desired result - DO NOT MENTION OR ACKNOWLEDGE THE UNDESIRABLE DIFFICULTY.

I hope this is of help to you.


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