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Postby jimmyh » Sat Jun 07, 2014 7:35 pm

Nothing to apologize for King, you got it 100% right. He's been around here before under a different name, and I got him to confess to *exactly* what you're accusing him of. Congrats!

" order to build you up to really attempt this"

I'm curious, how did you come to this conclusion over other possible motives?
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Postby HypnoticFame » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:05 am

1 out of 2...I'm the one Jimmy speaks of...however, I am definitely not the OP of this thread. Sorry to steal your thunder, Jimmy ;)
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Postby King Solomon » Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:01 am

jimmyh wrote:Nothing to apologize for King, you got it 100% right. He's been around here before under a different name, and I got him to confess to *exactly* what you're accusing him of. Congrats!

" order to build you up to really attempt this"

I'm curious, how did you come to this conclusion over other possible motives?

Good question, easy I am self taught and in the beginning I used to do it all the time. Never anything as crass as stealing. However I used to lie and brag about things that I've done in hypnosis that I really never did. Then friends would tell other friends and create this hype around me that actually fueled me up to attempt the very things I lied about because they all wanted to see me do it. They actually put the batteries in my back. I figured why not, I was already lying with, Hi, I'm Solomon "The Hypnotist" on day one of my first induction. Although partially true, I was now a hypnotist, I said it with the conviction of someone who was a Hypnotist for years with thousands of inductions under my belt.

King Solomon
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Postby gm jones » Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:01 pm

I do not think that what she did was any worse than what a timeshare salesman does. or a used car salesman.

We can probably all agree that you can't "make" anyone "do" anything.

On the other hand it probably wasn't legal.

Then again, I do not believe that what she did was "unfair".
gm jones
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Postby quietvoice » Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:14 pm

gm jones wrote:I do not think that what she did was any worse than what a timeshare salesman does. or a used car salesman.

Don't know about the timeshare, but I can vouch for the add-ons to my last automobile purchase, when the finance manager got the benefits of me being very tired of waiting all day for my vehicle to be ready for delivery. $$$$$.
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Postby curiousme12 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:26 pm

This strikes me as someone just looking to get a rise out of people - and has, successfully. Looking for a reaction to his/her outrageous proclaimed behavior and disregard for ethics. Not impressed. :roll:
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Postby Craig34 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:38 pm

Hey Harley

It has been a while since I have posted on this forum, what with being busy and all and flipping through the posts, I want to say congratulations.

Firstly for a number of reasons.

1/ For pushing your limits, I am curious to know how far you can take it before local police, security etc get involved and how you will explain what you were doing when you get caught.

2/ For justifying to yourself and trying to get others approval for stealing off innocent people.

Now, the problem you have is that, if you are looking to get a rise out of people, then I would suggest telling your family what you have done, and seeing if they condone it. I am guessing they won't.

Also, the fact you are doing this, and I have known and spoken to a good number of the very knowledgeable folks on here means that you are not going to get the help you may want if you ever decide to take what we do seriously.

I concur with Dave on this, yet leaving my personal feelings aside.

You want to push limits?

Is it too scary to push your own on how you could use these skills for good and maybe also with yourself to improve what you do and make a difference instead of petty theft?

Seriously, hypno-theft is not hard at all to anyone with the right skills and anyone who can do it, doesn't bother because, well, its pushing nothing apart from your luck as to how long it goes before you are caught by the law in question.

However, it is also very very easy to watch some youtube videos and make up a lovely story just to get a reaction. Not that anyone would do that of course. Instead of using a very basic method of hypnosis / suggestion. How about, getting a job, earning your own money, seeking out professional training and trying to improve the lives of others.

At least it means you won't end up with a criminal record. :D

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Postby Cloverpearl » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:32 pm

Hello! Earlier today, I had my first two subjects! (It was 2-3am, and at a sleepover)

Last week was camp, and Skylr the highschool hypnotist came! He did two suggestibility exercises, and then took up people from the audience, including two people that were in the same cabin as me, and team! So later that night, I told the one girl that I could do hypnosis, in which she believed, as I mirrored skylr's actions as he went on with the induction (she was called up on stage later in the show) So, that had escalated to earlier today!

The sleepover was going well for the most part, with the exception of a few of us not being able to fall asleep... So we were just chatting and they started talking about camp, and the hypnotist, and how they wanted to be hypnotized. The one girl that I told that I could do it asked me if she could tell the others, and I said sure! They had already looked up an induction script of sequence of steps of something of that sort, but I didn't want to read off of a phone screen, so I did rapids.

Then I talked with them a little, in a little pre-talk I suppose, which I pretty much casually talked about hypnosis and trance, and then I asked them for their permission for me to hypnotize them

However, just to do a little warmup, I did the hand clasp. I did a rather rapid visualization of it being sealed together by glue, and when I had them open their eyes and try to pull their hands apart, all of them couldn't! I was so ecstatic!

So then was the next challenge, picking an induction to use, and a subject. I settled on one of the two that had been hypnotized before, as I knew that she was very suggestible. I did the hand press induction, and counted down from ten to one, and on six I removed my hand and said sleep, in which I continued the countdown and deepening immediately afterwards!

From there whenever I counted down from ten while she was in trance, that was my signal for the other girls on my team to give me suggestion ideas, but they wanted to re-enact the show from the other night, so I did the bird that wouldn't leave, and the floor that bit her butt (my team loved that one)

After, I decided to play a little and do a little transformation. I told her that when I snapped, her bandana would turn into a snake (I was very careful to tell her that it was nonvenomous, and that it won't hurt her in any way) and when I clapped softly, it would just disappear. When I counted her up and she saw the snake, she got a little scared of it, so I quickly clapped my hands and ensured her that it was all gone. Then I calmed her down before dropping her back into deep trance, to give her a re-induction trigger, and to count we up out of trance.

From there I went on to attempt inductions on the other people that wanted me to, but they all ended up laughing, and the one was trying too hard to go into trance. It was quite odd, and funny though... One of the girls would start cracking up whenever I said 'relax' so I had to substitute it. But I think that I have to work a little more on timing to start to become more experienced in the inductions.

After a little while of attempting the inductions with the other girls, with little success on dropping them very deep, I went to the other subject that I find awesome, and she was so much fun to hypnotize.

Originally in the show, she wanted to get called up really badly, but she didn't get called up. So, I told her that I would mirror what he did on stage so that it would simulate that she was up there. Now that I think of it, she was probably in light trance before the show anyway! She went limp very fast, and I had to carefully guide her onto the floor. Soon after, I mirrored the hypnotists motion, and aligned it up to where it was almost identical to his. She then let her head drop to the ground, and went really deep.

The odd thing was, was that she opened her eyes, and decided to come up into the bench with me, we talked, she went out again, the hypnotist counted her up but she went deeper, so I whispered a count up to her... But she went out again and was then called up to stage... She was almost falling backwards off the benches we were sitting on... I was holding her up!

Anyway, she had some trust in my abilities, even though I'm so new at it. Personally I was so excited to hypnotize her, after seeing how she reacts and that she goes really deep really fast.

I did the same induction with we as the others, and when I said sleep, she just went limp. I deepened, and suggested that a balloon was tied to her arm. Then that one of her hair ties on her wrist was glowing (she liked it because it was pretty, it was glowing blue, purple, and pink according to her). After the glowing hair tie, I had an imaginary bug in her hair, but assured she was safe, and for the others I suggested that if she were to try to shout or scream, that her voice just wouldn't work... It was a good thing because she was silently screaming for the half second that there was a 'bug' on her. Other suggestions that the group and I came up with were that she was very mad at one of the people in the group, yet if she tried to curse or shout her voice just wouldn't work.
Another suggestion that was fun was when her fingers/hands were suddenly made of candy, and they were all different flavors. So she licked her fingers, and appearently her right hand was all bad flavors, and her left thumb she thought was grape.

My favorite suggestion was when I have her close friend the superpower of invisibility in which when she clapped, she would disappear, and become completely invisible, and when as clapped again, she would suddenly appear wherever she is currently is. While the subject was in trance, she thought it was awesome, and I thought that I may as well make it a post hypnotic suggestion, so I did. But later I erased it because she was a little freaked out that her friend was appearing and disappearing.

After that I just gave her a post hypnotic suggestion that whenever I snapped my fingers once and said sleep, she would return back down to that state, and the more that I used it, the stronger it will become, and the deeper that she would go.

Guys thanks for all your help so far!!! I am so thankfull! I just wanted to share this with you guys :)
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Postby Dave_I » Fri Aug 22, 2014 3:54 pm

Hey Cloverpearl, sounds like you had some great success! Not much to add really, but two thoughts did come to mind.

First, while I think it was good you followed the earlier stage hypnotist's induction (just because I think it may have increased their buy-in and you KNOW that worked on at least some of the people you were working with), if you have not realized this already, just be aware that once they are hypnotized you can start doing things your own way. You do not have to stick to their same patterns all the way through. Still, what you did worked so that is just an observation and in no way a critique.

Second, feel free to dictate their reactions a bit more. By that, you can make it part of the suggestion that "as you go into trance, your body can naturally maintain the proper tension and balance to stay in that chair, now" or whatever. And "you'll see a snake but you will not be afraid, but amazed." Or "you will see a snake, and you may freak out a little, but you can stay in place and have fun with it because you know you are in no danger." Point being, if you suggest they will find it easy to stay vertical, or feel a certain way about something, they tend to take that on board. So don't be afraid to pepper in stuff like "and as you come out of trance and see your bracelet turn the most AMAZING colors and feel the most WONDERFUL sensations, you will notice the most MIND BLOWING experiences and the most PLEASANT hallucinations that will make you LOVE HYPNOSIS more and more, which will allow you go go deeper more easily each time, and as you will go deeper and deeper only as quick as you stick more COMFORTABLY to that chair," and so on and so forth. But since you are suggesting those things (and I would use embedded commands, basically just use a different and subtly more direct tonality for those commands) and they are hypnotized, they should respond accordingly. Keep reading your subjects and keep doing what you're doing in watching for their ecology (physically and psychologically), yet be aware of how you can shape their experience.

Overall, great work! Thanks for the update.

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Postby questioneverything » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:56 pm


I am also new here, so my thoughts don't count for a lot yet, but what you described are the acts of a predator. If what you've been telling us is true, then you have a gift, perhaps a gift that should be used for better purposes.

Honestly Concerned,

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Postby Candid » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:57 pm

i find this thread fantastic, as in Harleydiamond is fantasising.

If I needed anything more to convince me hypnosis is something to be stayed away from, this thread would do it.
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Postby jimmyh » Sun Dec 22, 2019 6:49 pm

For someone so vocally against hypnosis, you sure have an interesting way of spending your time Candid. I'd suggest that you're right and you should stay away, but it seems you just can't help yourself :wink:
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Postby Candid » Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:27 pm

I'm not afraid of being hypnotised by the simple act of reading, even by an expert such as you!
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Dec 23, 2019 2:30 am

Be careful Candid.

Jimmyh is not merely an expert in hypnosis, he has assured me that he transcends hypnosis! That is like super duper powerful hypnosis.

In fact, he claims that once he used his skill to “help” a child with 2nd degree burns...well until the child’s dumb parents ruined it all by treating it like an actual injury.

Good times, good times.
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Postby Candid » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:22 am

Richard@DecisionSkills wrote:Be careful Candid.

Jimmyh is not merely an expert in hypnosis, he has assured me that he transcends hypnosis! That is like super duper powerful hypnosis.

Yes, I was a bit nervous about giving him cheek. If he did a remote hypnosis to make a timeline take over my life or to kill my natural gag reflex, I would have to look for an even more powerful wizard to break the spell. I'm not a wealthy woman and I imagine it could get costly.

However, I have waded in to provide a warning to people already affected. Clearly many lives are ruined, and there are worse things than thinking you have a daughter called Katie or indeed a phantom rabbit for whom some random dark master says you must buy wood chips!
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