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Postby endofdelta9 » Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:43 pm

Dear John we all got going on your dread ......

How are you doing this days ?? your and my quit is close 1 year plus 5 and 1/2 month for me and i am doing better then i ver thought i would so just saying hi to you and hoping you write something here i always enjoyed your very good descriptions

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Postby lmcbride » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:16 pm

Would love to hear from you as well John!

Your story has been an inspiration for me. I'll be at at 4.5 months on Wednesday!!
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Postby Dave1984 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:08 pm

Hi guys, im back....

It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow since I quit but & I thought I was beginning to feel OK. Yesterday the stomach pain was quite bad but today its been OK. Did the withdrawal affect your bowel movements? Been to toilet twice today & twice my stool has been black. Not diarrhoea black, normal consistency. Have you's experienced the black stools on your withdrawal journey?

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Postby chick » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:34 pm

I never had to get high on anything, I was the high on life kind of girl all my life but now....

I am a 32 year old woman and have been a regular pot user the past 4 years. One joint a day for sure!
The funny/ironical thing is before I started smoking I did nothing addictive, barely ever drank, never ever have tried any sought of drugs whatsoever. Apart from cigarettes 1-2 a day which I started smoking when I was about 26years old and I could do without them too.

Today am at this point and I hate to say it but am an addict!
I never thought I would ever have to be anywhere like this ever. BUt yet here I am.

Today is day 2!
My withdrawal symptoms are soo strong No hunger, headaches, nausea I can deal with.
However sleep, I couldn't sleep a wink last night not for a min. That was crazy
All I wanted to do through the day today was sleep but I didn't thinking I would lose sleep tonight.
And am sooo emotional, I just want to cry.. I keep crying thinking how did I get here.. HOw.
I am crying while typing this.
I keep getting this feeling of "i am nothing"
I think why, how when.. Oh God, why me.
I know POt addiction may not be serious to a lot of people and they could find me and my post funny, but I want to quit and I don't know how.

I read a lot and I know about cold turkey and gradual and I don't know which one to pick. Or how to.
Basically I know nothing.

I just had to let this feeling out.
So thank you..
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Postby endofdelta9 » Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:53 pm

i know exactly what you are going through you are having the classic withdrawal the crying and not eating Mj represses emotions and this will all come out when you stop
its very difficult to stop many will deny it but not the people on here
be strong and don't go back you will be happy that you did i am 2 years out and life is good again i would have not believed it at the time of stopping
if i can help any more let me know i wish you the best my heart goes out to you
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Postby carbonicfiber » Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:10 am

I smoked since i was 18, everyday 4-6 times a day and never have had a problem up until now i quit a few weeks ago and it has been very hard for me to live with the symptoms. I have been in alot of physiological, and psychological pain. I have tremors and muscle twitching, blurred vision in right eye, dry eyes, pressure behind right eye, sometimes one pupil is larger than the other. For a short time a bit of acid re flux which has now subsided. Anxiety is the though the roof on and off with occasional depression and inability to focus. dizziness/balance problems and the thoughts that i have every neurological disease in the book, which ill be seeing a neurologist tomorrow just in case. Im now a Hypochondriac who googles every symptom which only brings up my anx more. Hang in there, its a rough ride but can be done if you know what is happening to you.
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Postby Kitty7684 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:43 pm

I'm not sure if there are still people on this thread. I am just recently starting with marijuana withdrawal and my anxiety and depression is the worst part, I'm having such a hard time. It's been almost 3 weeks. I feel like I'm going crazy and I need someone to talk to going their the same thing. I've been reaching out to so many people, but because they aren't going through the same thing, it's hard for them to talk toe about it. Please help me.
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Postby CKD8323 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:13 pm

Hey kitty, there are many threads on here for you to read through. I'm kinda new to the site and this experience myself so I can't direct you very well but I can tell you that I'm at a little over 60 days and while things have calmed down I still suffer from many recurring symptoms. Anxiety has been the biggest monster in the room for me. It comes and goes and surprises me often. It is very difficult to shake the feeling that I won't feel this way forever.....but if you read other experiences many of them say that this feeling is normal and that it does pass and get better. Unfortunetly there is no way to determine how long you will feel a certain way. What I have been doing is just trying to have blind faith that things will work out and get better as more time goes by. Stay strong and remember even when you feel alone, you are not
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Postby Dman123 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:29 am

Hi there I'm on week 5 of quitting weed, most of my anxiety has gone now but I'm still having minor pains in my centre of my chest and rarely a sharp stabbing pain in my left lung is this normal withdrawal symptoms has anyone else experienced this apart from that I feel fine
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Postby Ukmatt33 » Wed May 10, 2017 10:51 pm

Hi john i have been reading your posts with great interest after quitting the weed aswell (although im only on day 3 so i gotta admit im a bit scared of whats to come)yet your posts really do inspire me to know that things do get better in time and that there is light at the end of the tunnel...the worst thing for me is not sleeping at night at the moment and feeling so achey and worn out the next day but i know i need to do it as i had a scary experience the other night after smoking a joint before bed i really struggled to get my breath and it scared me into not having any since but i think its the kick up the backside that i needed....i give everyone that is doing the quitting/withdrawal thing on here best of luck as it cant and isnt easy....much love to everyone
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Postby weedbaddrug » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:51 pm

weed_victim wrote:Keep it up John, I am following your posts. The most thing that annoys me is tinnitus. Makes hearing difficult. I hope we get over it soon.


Have you still got tinnitus or it dissapeared ?

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Postby Bthizzleinapickle » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:40 am

Has anyone else had constant heart palpitations for 10 months that got better then came back again ,and also seen the cardiologist and everything came back normal ? I have and now I’m worried that I’m messed up for life plz if anyone else is going or has gotten threw this place she’s some light on it for me
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Postby siprecords1 » Sat Jan 02, 2021 1:34 am

I am so glad that I've found this post, I've been a light or heavy post smoker for at least 3 years daily this go round, girlfriend also telling me to try stopping for a while to see if it has an impact on our relationship being that I never wanted to go places much and when we would I didn't talk much I told her it had nothing to do with me smoking weed and with this pandemic going on I've been working from home for almost a year now, wakeup right away I would smoke before clocking in to my call center job. One day I was having this weird burn in my chest as well as dizziness from rime to time if I would stare or think to hard told myself maybe I need to stop smoking for a few days could be an infection idk.

Week 1.
I told myself maybe the burn in my chest was just for that day and I should hit the joint at least once so I could focus on my calls talking to customers so I step out took two pulls and felt great, hour passed i started to feel the burn again in my chest wasnt sure why told myself maybe I need to exercise to build my health up then I could still smoke, Day 3 came which fell on the weekend knew I could play Call of duty better if I would just take a puff or two what harm could it do incan just smoke on the weekend, puff puff went back inside to play the game, some reason i felt light headed but good at the same time along with the coughs, I gotta stop smoking for a while as I text my weed guy, day 5 while sitting there working I kept having muscle spa and every now ans the heart jump like I was pushing out extra air from inside, ugh not a calm feeling I didn't know what the issue was, as week passed and the weekend came again I started having the bubble guts like burping all day long with eyes burning as welland some time I could feel the trapped air throb inside, maybe I need some pepto or gas medication, popped my first gas pill and it went away felt great the next day as well

Week 2.
I would up middle of the night to use the bathroom and my sheets would be mild soak from the sweat even with the ac on, even will typing this message right now I would get light headed a little looking away then back focused, The gas has came back seems to be worse burping most of the day to relieve the pressure as I would still feel my guts jump taking deep breath pacing back and forward in my small 2 bedroom apartment alone as my girlfriend was off working, middle of the second week laced down for bed I could hear my stomach growling all night long even waking up to it, grad a fruit took a few bite it stopped for a few or would slightly hear it feel like I have to push out gas but nothing would come out but when I would use the bathroom it went away, not sure if the taking deep breaths is what people call anxiety but it would come and go as I talked to myself saying I haven't been around anyone to have Covid so whats wrong with me.. and here we are I will keep you all posted next fee days this is a weird feeling never knew that by stop smoking weed I would face withdrawals... ugh pray for me if you serve the same God that I serve....
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