We're better off being Hitler

Postby MattMVS7 » Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:04 am

Even if you were a psychopath like Hitler who slaughtered many innocent people, as long as you have pleasure, that would make you the better person. You would even be far better than a depressed and emotionally numb innocent person who instead helped many people around the world. If I had the choice to either become someone like Hitler with all the pleasure in the world or be the most caring innocent person with no feelings of pleasure whatsoever, I would choose to become someone like Hitler. The reason for my choice is that who I am as a person does not matter and is nothing compared to my pleasure. My happiness is the only thing that matters in terms of me as a person. I don't even care about my feelings of empathy and would gladly sacrifice that in becoming a psychopath like Hitler with all the pleasure in the world. I care about others. I just don't care about my feelings of empathy, compassion, or understanding though (only when compared to my pleasure). Just because I care about others does not mean I have to help them. I can have someone instead take my place in helping others before I made my sacrifice in becoming a psychopath like Hitler because there are plenty of people who can help others and such much better than I can. Also, it's not like the people would be killed for a fact if I were to become a psychopath. Me killing people would be a choice in terms of my actions and I think a police officer would have me arrested anyway if I were in the process of killing someone. I would gladly risk going to prison even if it meant having full pleasure in life through being a psychopath. If you are going to say something such as that living with the intent to harm others will only bring you nothing but pain and misery regardless of how much pleasure you have and seek, this would be false. People with empathy are the ones who would feel bad and depressed about harming others. But people with no empathy whatsoever will not feel that way and can even experience full pleasure in life. So if I was a true psychopath, then I would not feel bad or depressed about the idea of harming others nor in harming others if I were to ever get to that point.

Who you are as a person (in this case, being a psychopath like Hitler) is neither inferior nor superior to someone who helps and cares for other people because who you are as a person is nothing more than biological robotic functions and has no value whatsoever (whether positive or negative) compared to pleasure. It's only your amount of pleasure that makes you the better person. So this is the reason why people with nice happy lives are the better people. As for feelings of pleasure that are obtained from eating tasty foods (which I wouldn't even call pleasure at all--just simply a tasty sensation), these types of pleasure have no value and don't make you a better person. It's the other types of pleasure such as love, joy, motivation, empowerment, etc. (the "powerful" and "human-defining" feelings of pleasure), these are what make you the better person. Also, pleasure is all types of good feelings and is not just limited to one type of good feeling.

All of those "greater" feelings of pleasure I just mentioned, they all have equal value. Not having one of them would make you a lesser person. But despite the fact that Hitler has no love, he would still be better than an emotionally numb person who can't feel any form of pleasure or love whatsoever regardless of how much this depressed and emotionally numb person helped others and did many other great things/deeds in life.

Finally, since feelings of love and pleasure feel like the greatest things to me in life and that nothing else in life compares (other than the feelings of love and pleasure that others possess), this is what makes these feelings the greatest things in life and is what makes everything else in life virtually nothing in comparison. These feelings may be nothing more than science and brain chemistry which makes them not all that special and great in terms of science. But there is a big difference between how nonspecial and ungreat these feelings are in terms of science and how special and great they are to us based on our own personal experience of these feelings. But if your own personal experience in life somehow tells you that these feelings are not that great or not even great at all for that matter and that other things in life have greater value, then you obviously have not experienced these feelings nearly as profound or meaningful as I have to know that they are the greatest things in life.
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Postby Beloved » Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:57 pm

"We", or "you", are better off?

If you know of The Tragedy of the Commons, then using the same model - yes, a sociopath in a country of people who have functioning consciences will do quite well.
In the U.S., think of CEOs or Tony Soprano.

BTW, there are probably logical inconsistencies in your post, because of the way people are made.
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Postby JuliusFawcett » Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:41 pm

all the happiness that we could ever enjoy is already within us, it is behind thought patterns to do with fear
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Postby rat123 » Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:47 pm

how uninformed and stupid you are. You are a worm. Don't talk about things you don't know.
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Postby rat123 » Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:59 pm

I only read about 2-3 lines of your text. haha you sucker! :mrgreen:
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