Cannabis withdrawals after 5 months clean


Postby Pothead1990 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:58 pm

Thank you Eden! I have to try! Thanks
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Postby EdenG » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Pothead1990 do keep trying :) It’s worth it and you can do it!

Thanks for being here :)
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Postby Mantas » Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:27 pm

Hello people!

I'm so glad I found this. I can relate to almost everything here. Been smoking for 3 years, heavily. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Also, sometimes I've been doing some other drugs like cocaine, amfetamine, ketamine, mdma, pills, lsd and alcohol. Also I have heavily abused tabacco and caffeine. I started having these panic attacks about a year ago, but still kept on smoking. Just recently I had a really bad one. I didn't even have to quit, just the thought of weed makes me sick now.

I am 3 weeks clean now (except tabacco). Had a terrible headache almost every day, migraine probably. Random panic attacks, mood swings and depression. It's getting better now, because I changed my lifestyle. Started going to gym every day, eating properly and taking some vitamins.

But in these 3 week I have been experiencing something weird. Suddenly, I would feel this sharp pain in my head, I would get confused, had trouble walking straight, speaking and sometimes my face would go slightly numb. Also, I would feel a tension in my neck. All of theses things are symptoms of a stroke, but they also match migraine symptoms. Did any of you guys have this?

Another thing, when I look at a bright light and move my eye, I can see these foggy bits moving around. It's quite annoying. Is the vision damage permament?

Anyways, tell what you think. Are these things going to pass or should I seek professional help?

Thank you.
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Postby cleanofgreen » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:14 pm

I think the eye thing your talking about is called floaters look it up on the Internet. It's harmless and nearly everybody has them only some notice them more than others..
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Postby Mantas » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:39 pm

cleanofgreen wrote:I think the eye thing your talking about is called floaters look it up on the Internet. It's harmless and nearly everybody has them only some notice them more than others..

I know about eye floaters, I have them too and I really don't care about them. But this is something else. It's like a blur. These foggy spots don't move around independetly, they are constantly in my vision an they go where I turn my eyes to (where floaters sometimes settle down and dissapear). Flaoters often dissapear if you try to look at them, because they are paricles inside the eyball and they float around when you move the eye. Sometimes this fog gets less visible. It feel like there is something on the front of my eye, on the lens. Maybe it's the migraine stuff?
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Postby zz8912 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:41 am

Hey Guys!

This forum is the best forum i have found yet. So happy, that i found it and i think i will spend a lots of hours the next months-years reading here and hopefully even contribute to help others.

Nate, OP, your posts have been really great reading, and its really cool, that you have made so much progress. I think things will turn around: so accepting that it maybe never will be like before, is good, but we all still need to believe and fight for the possibility that things will be like before. And if im reading your posts correct, thats exactly what you are doing/thinking - so thumbs up from me.

Im 21 now, and i myself smoked for 1,5 year on/off, i went through periods without smoking and had no problems at all, until i started at university and after my first semester i didnt really feel like this study was right for me, so i dropped out, and i just made the stupid mistake and took a break from life a half year without job, studies or my good friends from college & family nearby. So i started heavily smoking and spending a lot of time with myself, and even though i felt bad, i still continued smoking until september. So yeah 5 months "clean" now even though i never felt addicted, just that i for a half year had this really bad habit, but maybe i was an addict, i certainly dont wanna smoke weed ever again. The last 5 months i mostly spend time alone in my apartment, trying to do what i think is right (so many doubts), but i dont really have a routine.

Besides, i dont go to my doctor at all (i dont want medication) or a therapist (because i dont like the concept), is that really stupid of me? I dont really think that is the right call for me, because im pretty sure, that my biggest problem is the lack of routine and that's what causes my symptoms combined with the withdrawal symptoms of course. I can relate to a lot of the symptoms stated here, but i did never really have or had insomnia, headaches, nausea or similar phsyical withdrawals symptoms - is that normal? Sometimes increased heartbeat, tunnelvision some time, anxiety pretty much, and a lot of time the feeling of not feeling anything or fractions of my normal feelings and a feeling of losing my self. But then again some periods are not that bad, sometimes i even feel really happy like in the old days. Most of the time im just overthinking everything and it can be really hard to socialise because of depersonalisation (i think it is) of my self and human beings in general. And yeah im also really concerned that my state will trigger other psychological diseases like skizofreni, bipolar or stuff like that or that im losing my self - does anyone else have the same feeling somestime? That you fear that you are losing yourself? And if so, how did you treat that?

But i feel hope. My biggest problem is as stated establishing a routine... and my overthinking combined with my anxiety just makes it really difficult getting started. Does anyone have a similar situation, in between stuff and scrambling to establish a routine?
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Postby tokes » Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:57 pm

Mantas wrote:Hello people!
I started having these panic attacks about a year ago, but still kept on smoking. Just recently I had a really bad one. I didn't even have to quit, just the thought of weed makes me sick now.

Despite not consciously panicking about anything, the body mimics the actions of someone going into severe panic...this has started happening to me. Do you have a history of panicking or having anxiety? How long did it take for the attacks to completely stop?
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Postby Mantas » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:51 pm

I didn't have any anxiety issues before, I am pretty chilled out person. As you said, your mind is calm, but the body goes ape sh**. Racing heart, head pressure, problems breathing, numbness in limbs, weird pains all over and restlessness.
I don't know if they go away or get better, because I haven't smoked for almost 2 months now and I am never going back. It's just not worth it. I haven't felt better in last 5 years as I do now.
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Postby Saleem.S.Shaikh » Sat May 19, 2018 1:42 pm

Hello everyone, i was smoking from 5 years regularly, i quit suddenly due to some panic attacks, now im clean from 2 years and 6 months, even im suffering from high blood pressure 150/110, even i consulted a doctor he is giving me pills and he is telling that its withdrawal syndromes, im not getting what to do, im feeling like my head will be blast, heavy dizzynesa imbalance. Dont know how much it will take time to recover, and im loosing my all hopes of getting cured, my b.p also not reducing and im taking b.p pills, im thinking to commit suicide, i have no job and no money, please any one help me ill be very thank ful to him, i hate these symptoms,
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Postby LinaCombs89 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:52 am

Hey yall. I been a heavy pot smoker since 2007. I smoked 4-5 blunts a day. I quit last month cold turkey after i had a panic attack and i was super dehydrated. Is it normal to still get headaches? And i have digestion problems bad. Does it still take that long for your stomach to heal as well as your brain? Please let me know
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Postby Bthizzleinapickle » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:04 am

im on my 7th month of recovery iv taken buspirone since my fist month of recovery witch helped me so much but still I have heart palpitations some days more then others anxiety depersonalization fear and now im starting to have sleep issues not being able to sleep I do feel a lot better then I did but it feels like progress is too slow to be able to tell I had all tests done even on my heart by a specialist and they all pointed towards anxiety anyways thank you for your info it was more than comforting knowing that others go through this after quitting because not all experience these symptoms as bad as some I will continue to follow these posts during my recovery I just hope and pray that all of us going through these horrors will someday look back and see this as a blessing disguised as a curse .but at times I to feel that 7 months should have been enough time to heal by now but I did smoke high grade cannibus concentrates for 8 months all day every day so we should give ourselves enough time to heal also I feel the medicastion that helped me did not allow my brain to fully heal on its own so now im in the process of weaning down very slowly so I wont have bad rebound anxiety anyways hope your doing well and I hope my info helps anyone who needs it thank you again
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Postby gmansboxx » Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:51 am

Hello, I read through some of these posts in this thread and thought I should share my experience. I have been googling anything to help ease the stress I am feeling after quitting marijuana. I am almost two months clean now and don't ever plan on going back. Although, I still have cravings...I just got back from a bike ride and subconsciously I thought to myself my depression isn't last because I could start smoking in moderation again, but I realized moments later that the reality is that is not going to happen, ever. I have made the decision and my mind still plays tricks with me but I am slowly getting the hang of living in reality. You see, my experience with MJ has been both greatly positive and greatly negative, I got in trouble with the law and committed myself to being on marijuana because I was afraid although I was truly innocent driving on a closed highway, my record was stamped but that was a long time ago and I have learned to let go. And also let go of my first heartbreak which in reality was just an obsession in my mind. Now, it is close to 10 years I have been smoking the strong stuff daily more or less. Back in 2019 I was clean for about 10 months give or take, but I started again because my life was not improving and marijuana use, advertising, booming business, was all around me and I just couldn't take it anymore. The thing is I cut down drastically from multiple grams a day to a joint a day for about a year and a half. Anyway, when I started again that was truly a mistake because when I recently quit it was much harder and my body was feeling the withdrawals even more. I guess it really does take more than a year to not feel sad all the time. Feeling alone, and jobless hurts after all the hours I spent in university. I like spend time alone to help me calm down, I am usually walking or biking, skating, I am getting back into painting, it is tough, sometimes I drink a beer or whiskey to help ease the emptiness but everyday sober from marijuana is a miracle for me so I will stay strong because I have a very addictive personality and I am unable too smoke in moderation. I am also trying not to be such a nice guy because it has only pushed my friends away. My plan is to recover and focus on myself. I don't wanna be known as the stoner friend, I am greater than that image movies have been falsely praising, and if I am depressed for years so be it. I rather chain smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol in moderation than to smoke weed 24/7 and feel like a paranoid delusional bum.
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Postby binodredo » Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:49 pm

Hi, I definitely relate with Nate and zz8912,
I mean I am still on 4th month of quiting weed and tobacco, both.
I felt all things that you Nate felt too, letarghic, emotionally numb, no power of concentration, even memory losses, feeling that every thing is the same meaning that nothing could make or can make me have a different feeling about it (example: my kitchen, or Burguer King kitchen are completely different, but for me are the same in the way that I really dont have the mental effort to identify that difference, despite the fact that I perfectly know it are 2 different kitchens, my brain dont give that spike you understand xd? It seems illogical and controversial but it is part of brain fatigue and no concentration power wich can't let you absorve day by day information and it makes you feel like everything is the same and you always feel the same despite were you are, it is like a non feeling, am I being explicit?)

Ok but in more simple thoughts, all of it is caused by overthinking even if you think it's not. Cause if you were not desperately wanting to have feelings, to notice the world around you, to regain that feeling you had in the past wich everything or every ambient would made you feel different sensations and would make you act in specific ways like if you are in a doctor you act like this.. in train like this... In gym like this... You just can't want to have that feelings and comprehension because your brain Is tired, you have no energy, willpower and energy are different things. You don't need to have energy to have willpower, but you need willpower to have energy back :)
In my case it
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Postby binodredo » Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:28 am

All started after a period of intense stress witch was quiting weed ofc, wich lead to bad sleep and anxiety which melt my concentration and energy...

Good news, brain energy, focus and concentarion are renewable.

Eventually you will start to notice things familiar to you, it starts in home where you wake up! You identify your shoes wich will give you a feeling, your clothes, your bed , your house, your space! That's the first indicator you are regaining the energy and comprehension your brain used to have!

What to do:
-EXERCISE (EVEN 25MIN FAST WALK IS ENOUGH, ,but not just for 1 day or like you do today, tomorrow u don't, naa, be consistent, all day or you literally will not be boosting your recovery time)


-SLEEP IF POSSIBLE! (IF YOU WAKE UP A LOT LIKE NATE AND ME, just take 1 day of weekend to be all time in bed, I know Nate that you don't want that cause you will feel letarghic and lost. But please consider doing that, you won't go crazy or die...... Trust me, letarghy is a way your brain and body have to say that you really need rest, it can come like from nowhere, usually the more you sleep the letarghic you feel, it stupidly means you are getting the rest you need cause try to understand me : when you sleep very little you wake up stressed and irritated, cause your brain gives you stress and alertness to go trough the day, if you sleep more time you won't need that altertness and stress and you will feel letarghic, despite the scary it is, it is good!

- FOR LAST ( PLEASE BE OUT OF BLUE LIGHT DEVICES LIKE SMARTPHONE OR PC, IT WILL ONLY SLOW YOUR RECOVERY, IT TIRES YOUR BRAIN) - that's part of the why every people have different recovery times, not because of pc or smartphones it self but because of the complete routine of daily stress they have.

1st not overhinking is key.
If you are overhinking, stop just hear, smell, see what's around you, identify where you are what u see what you smell, than drink a bit of water. If you start to overthink again you restart. You overhink again you restart, again ?? You restart. (Try have a bottle of water always with you)
2nd my English is bullsh1t
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Postby binodredo » Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:46 am

I am 4 moth clean, I still feel all sort of things but I can now deal with all of that cause I know it is all a process for feeling good again, healing!
You can't think your brain works like a computer or like technology, it don't so you can't compare it , but you can try to understand it!
If you are tired it means you did something to be tired.

If you are happy you have had a week a month that has been good.

If you are depressed is a way you brain have to say I've had enough. (So with depression a lot of other feelings come)

If you are letarghic you have some good sleep deprivation accumulated.

If you have random moods all day or everyday you wake up feeling different you haven't yet defined your well being, it can be cause you are too tired to organize yourself or for lack of self knowing or for body hormone deregulation wich is normal after weed withdrawal and can take his time to be regulated, it depends on how well you follow what you have to do to become like a clock again , or like a not so broken clock when

Just want to say that all will become to normal, even if it seems that it is impossible , one day you will wake up and start to have nostalgic feelings wich will be slowly translated into everything, it will make a new YOU. Trust me, one day from nowhere you will feel like you are you again. Even if you become a different person your ground, your basement will be the same and present in your mind cause you then will have willpower to sustain it!
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