Britain's Got Talent April 25 2015

Postby The_Masked_Hypnotist » Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:11 am

So, I was watching Britain's Got Talent and there was like, a hypnotist dog....

(I know right)

And this woman with the dog did something pretty weird, but here is my question. Was the act (and later effects) faked, or not?

Please have a look and tell me your thoughts.....
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Postby All in the mind » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:37 pm

No, I don't think it was faked; the volunteers created the experience that they imagined. Ant and Dec are highly suggestible. Simon Cowell wanted to be part of the performance having witnessed something that begged disbelief. Go onto a stage with an audience and TV cameras and most people are in a suggestible state. The effects are temporary as Simon Cowell found out.

The dog could have been a rabbit, but because the suggestion was made - "this is a hypnotic dog", the volunteers created their experience.

Notice that the owner of the dog placed her microphone down and was probably using verbal suggestions not picked up on the microphone. The cameras then pointed at the volunteer's faces, not on what she was suggesting to them. This made it look like the dog was doing the work - that was staged. The usual hyped presentation followed giving it the "Psycho" effect.

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Postby Anthony Jacquin » Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:27 am

A Hypno-Dog act is one of the longest running stage hypnosis acts in both the UK and the USA. Note, not the hypno-dog seen on BGT.

It has as much chance of hypnotising you as a swinging watch does. Plenty.
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Postby Mousetower » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:58 pm

If I remember correctly, the owner's name was Lennon. I assumed when I saw it that she was related to Hue Lennon, who had a hypno dog act. It was a good show.
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