How to be the real me in every situation?


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Many people are afraid of the unknown. I admit i am too! Public speaking means stepping forth into the unknown. It is scary and take lots of confidence to have the guts to do it. Because you have no idea what is installed for you once you venture into unknown territory. Take a daring step forward and you will definitely receive a lesson from it! The lesson could be positive or negative. But a lesson means an experience which will help in your overall growth

Show yourself to the world. Everyone is made unique, do not fear being the stereotype people accept. Be unique, and those that accept you are those that really love the real you. There is no point being "LOVED" by people that are fake and only love the fake you! Have faith in yourself, and you can definitely do it

How do you start chasing your goal? You may want to try doing it slowly, step by step. First you have to understand what is causing this in you! Without knowing what is it you cannot solve it. It could be because your friends are much more prettier than you thats why you have a lower sense of confidence (I know i am like this when my friends look so dashing and i look like sh**). Secondly you can slowly reveal your true self to your close one. They will feel weird at first but will slowly start accepting you for who you are which is your main goal!

Hopefully this gave you a workable strategy to tackle your problem
ps. i am having the same problem as you and this is what my friend told me to do!
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