10 month clean, why you should keep moving forward.

Postby yayada65 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:58 am

Hi guys first of all sorry for the english i'm not a native speaker.

Today i'm 10 month clean, after smoking heavily for 2years! Apparently these little 2 year and were sufficient to endure all that sh** lol. In this post, i'm gonna try to share the positive, cause we all already know the negative PAWS so **** that sh** lol.

First of all, since i stopped smoking weed, i've considered myself being part of what i call " The Process ". And my everyday motivation is this phrase: " Trust the Process. "

To keep moving forward, you first have to consider and recognize that all that sh** has been caused by yourself. It's my fault. So right now i'm on a mission. Why should i continue the process ?

Because this process is impregnating unique values on yourself that you can achieve only by being part of a process like this one. Values that no one else could achieve. Even sober people. The most important value you will get at the end of the process is patience. Very few people are patient in this world. At the end of the process, you will naturally get this value. Cause we are all patient right now, we don't have any other choice. So yes, at the end of the process you will be someone different. You will be impregnated by values that no one else will have. So you will be your old yourself, with all these values.

You will be happy easily. Right now people around you need a lot to be happy. For them, a normal day is sh**. For us, having a normal day without any PAWS will be something amazing. You will enjoy every single day, cause right now you're in hell. You will see value in every single commun thing.

The army is training its soldiers by an intense physical process, to make the soldiers better physically. Trust me, if they will know about our process, they would want their soldiers to face our intense mental process. Because at the end, their soldiers will be mentally better.

Luckily, we are fighting marijuana. No cocaine or heroin. The process of the people who took these drugs should be a ultra hard process compared to us. Thanks god.

Don't tell me we don't know how is our process going. Because the process is sharing with us some signs. You just have to see these signs. One week ago, i was in Koh Phi Phi for 2 days. The second day was perfect. I enjoyed so much everything i did, i made laughing many girls easily all day, met a lot of persons, and have had so much fun throughout all the day. It was the best day i've ever had since the begining of the process. This day was a sign that the process is moving forward. These " perfect days " are pretty rare though. Normally, it's much more " perfect hours " and even " perfect 10 minutes ". I'm like PAWS free for 10 minutes, or for 5 hours. Sometime i'm full PAWS all day. it's part of the process bro.

Sometimes i'm full PAWS and try to be so positive that i become PAWS free for a while. But this is very difficult to do as it needs a lot of mental energy. I feel like a Sayen when i succeed in doing this lol.

The difference after the 10month mark is that you experience much more " PAWS free hours " and " PAWS free days ". And your state of mind while having PAWS is much more easy to deal with, as PAWS become much more minor with time.

Be careful. As you can have full-free PAWS hours, you can also have full-PAWS hours. It's part of the process lol.

I don't drink alcohol as a muslim, trust in god and ask god to stay positive so this helps too.

I play basketball. I do it a lot. This helps too. " The process " is a term that i borrow from LeBron James in one on his interview lol. He did a shitty game and just say to the camera. " you know it's part of the process man bad games good games i just follow the process. It was at my 1 month clean. I was like " hey yo lebron i'm doing a process too lol ". His process take him to the NBA finals. And he lost the NBA finals one month ago. It's like relapsing for us lol. Once again, that's part of the process, even for him. I'm no more in the weed debate sh** hit the fan but i don't care lol !

So yeah if i had written this in my 5 or 6 month weed clean i would have written a much more complaining post but right now i'm very confident as i see improvements every month and as i succeded in keeping myself motivated.

Right now i'm in Singapore for a 3 month internship so this experience really helps me too. I see different things that i've never saw before every week so it helps my process. Cause yeah for me when you see different things or do different things that you never did it helps the process. Weed was giving you a different perspective that's why we were loving it. But if you have never cooked a good meal that takes time to be done and always look at your mum or wife cooking it for you, and one day you change your perspective by doing it by yourself, it's a different experience that you've never done before. And you don't need weed for that. If you love football or soccer and always watch it at home, but one day you change your perspective and see the game for real at the stadium, it's a different perspective for you and it helps your process.

One of the positive things of the process is also that i stopped smoking cigarette (cause for me its slower the process ) so im 7 month clean now.

And before smoking weed i didn't give a **** at all about nature and all that stuff lol right now i love nature, and even history and museums. I'm currently reading " L'Illiade " of Homère ( Greek Mythologic ) because i can see the beauty of the language they were speaking 1000 years ago and how its narrated and how their view of the world and of the war and professions were so valuable compared to now. Before smoking weed i would have didnt give a **** about greeks lol.

That's it for me bye bye just trust the process guys.
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Postby MindfulToker87 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:49 am

It sounds like you're doing great. And with a wealth of opportunity at your doorstep. Continue your journey and aspire for great things.
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Postby Davinci » Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:34 pm

Good post man.

I´m reaching 13 months and I feel better than the first months, but still struggling with depression and anxiety.

Your post really helped me.
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Postby johnrlivingston » Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:04 pm

First, congrats on you achievement!!!!

Second, congrats on an awesome post. I couldn't agree more, and can totally relate. I was just posting in another thread that despite the hell I went through throughout a protracted recovery. looking back now I'm actually grateful for the experience. That's saying a LOT.
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Postby Wave » Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:07 pm

Well done. It is great to hear about people a little further along the road and I am excited to be where you are!! Thanks for sharing.
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Postby Vendrick » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:54 pm

Thanks for sharing this. Just what I needed to read.
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