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Postby jdellapina » Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:26 am

If money was not an issue, where should I go for training?
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Postby HypnosisRocks » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:54 am

I would recommend Anthony who is a moderator on this Forum. He would be my choice if you are in England. Ant also has a great series of YouTube videos you can check out which will actually teach you a rather simple but very effective induction. Search Head Hacking on YouTube to find the videos. In the States check out Justin Tranz or Richard Nongard.
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Postby saladinsmith » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:19 pm

To be honest, I think that practice is far more important than learning the method. I mean obviously it's important to know what you're doing, but the information is everywhere, and I think that information will do you more good after you've jumped in.

What I personally did was I copied a text induction of a web site, went to Omegle and put in "hypnosis" as my interest, and then I started using that copied induction on people. I did about fifty sessions like that, got confident with what I was doing, and then started trying new things, making my own inductions, hypnotizing people without inductions, and so on.

The great thing about practicing on Omegle is that if you mess up and make a fool of yourself, you can hit "escape" twice, and nobody will ever know it was you. It's a great way to build up your confidence.
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Postby hypnotism » Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:13 pm

u cannot train someone into learning hypnotism,, if they do not have interest. if they have interest,, u cannot stop one from learning it :)
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Postby PureHypnosis » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:15 am

I started my journey 10 years ago is the same question I asked myself this question. Then as now, it was not very ready hypnosis training products.

We have a couple here and there could be common in hypnosis forum. Hypnosis forums and Internet "meetup" many problems of the groups of people that had an elitist mentality.

They discouraged many young people through hypnosis practice. Note that this was probably a lot of people learned hypnosis from a comic book behind the old school hypnosis, and even advertisements. Yet many of these same people would discourage others apply hypnosis.

When I want I usually get one of two answers I want to ask these people about all kinds of free education. Or I would be said that quality free hypnosis training and hypnosis should go to some expensive courses. This course was who do you think? Free training for people was saying we had subpar quality. There were people, including bias anytime money.

Other responses often seemed "You do not want to find a book or a video hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a live training is the only way to do it.” While it is true it is very important to attend live training, hypnosis and hypnotherapy or is not the only way to learn.

The good thing about live training, real-time feedback that you get. If you can learn really fast right way to do something you are doing wrong. That being said, free hypnosis and hypnotherapy training, hypnosis and NLP learning is still a viable option.

Where can I find free hypnosis training?

There are many places to find free hypnosis courses. To find some free self-hypnosis training, you can use some of the following sources.

A public library - What would be so surprised to get quality information in regards to the library of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I find Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman grab a copy.

Internet Forum - all the internet forums are created equal. Hypnosis has a new forum for people looking for some much more open free hypnosis training. The best forums are two common forum and Hypnothoughts information. Both free and are open to people who want to learn hypnosis.

Meetup.co my hypnosis practice groups - If you have a good sized population in the city you want to practice hypnosis meetup.co out of control will probably be able to find an application group in the region.

Google - Google is your friend. If you Google "Free Hypnosis Training" you'll probably get a couple of really good results. In addition, "online free online hypnosis training" may be to search.

Organized training - you try hypnosis trainer if you want to contact a free live training and offer to help them organize an education in the region. You can get a good amount of people to sign up for their free training most instructors will train you.

Whatever you do, make sure you make a good amount of research. No matter how much research you will be able to find higher-quality education.
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