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Postby walkingonglass » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:28 pm

Hi everyone.

I haven't posted here much, but when I have it has been regarding my relationship and my boyfriend having severe GAD. The replies I've received when I have posted were overwhelming, I was so grateful to get so many comforting replies. There are so many sweet people on this forum, thank you so much everyone. This post is not about my relationship but about me. Just felt like I needed to talk to someone and I didn't know who to go to... So here I go.

I stayed in a flat for 3 years. The building was newly build and really nice. I decorated the place and made it really homely, something that was important to me as my immediate family lives abroad. A few months ago I was told I had to move out as where I lived was student accommodation and because I finished my studies in January 15, I wasn't allowed to renew my tenancy agreement.

I have found a new flat now. It is very very nice, very big living room, amazing kitchen and bathroom, spacious bedroom and even a balcony. However.... And here comes the insanity... I looked closely at walls and details of the flat and they weren't perfect.. For example there were grease stains in the kitchen, the fridge handle was broken, some dirt by window seals, some marks on the walls... It wasn't perfect. And those issues made me stay awake for the whole night just thinking end thinking. I don't know why I have become like this. For the past few months I stress about everything. Tell me someone are these issues even big issues?

I feel like I'm becoming insane because these silly thoughts keeps circulating in my brain over and over again. I can't expect a flat to be flawless especially when so many people have lived there previously. Are these thoughts anxiety? I've never really had it before where I have put a finger on why I get stressed.. But I feel like I'm going crazy. There are people around the world that don't have food or shelter and I'm up all night worrying about some marks on the wall, but I just can't stop thinking... Honestly I feel like I'm going crazy... I need some help :( can someone please just answer, why am I stressing so much about small things that people wouldn't even care about?

Thank you so much guys for listening/reading. I just don't know where to go with this and I don't know what's going on with me :(
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Postby Richard@DecisionSkills » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:22 am

Most likely you are stressing over the small things as a way to avoid dealing with some underlying issue that is more important, but you don't wish to face. It is a coping mechanism. The key indicator is your recognition the issues are small, yet you feel stressed.

What else is going on in life? All okay with your career, family, relationships, future plans? Are you staying active in these areas?
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