How Anxiety is Born, Fed and Dissolved (Removing Anxiety)

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First off, it's a lot to read, and if you read between the lines you won't understand, because my point takes all these paragraphs to present it, or in other words, one idea leads to another until you will see the point. I really hope some of you will understand what I am trying to tell you here, because this works for me.

How to change your life in response to a problem you can't identify? Do you know those moments when you feel anxious, yet you clearly cannot see what bothers you?

I too, had anxiety (mostly that feeling in the chest, and usually felt the 2nd second I woke up). I was suspecting that it could be work, afraid to **** it up, but everything was perfect* in reality. So, I started doing the shotgun method (try many fixes*/methods/things at once). I started doing meditation, going to gym, use* crystals and stones (check that niche), eating more healthy.. but what actually worked, was to take a 2 months break from my work. Obviously not everybody can do that, and I had this anxiety happened to me a second time, after other months, when I finally realized what was it for ME personally -> the amount of (good) money $ I was making out of my business for which I didn't know how much will last, but I also understood (~) its mechanism.

Keep reading.

Anxiety is not something that pops up all of a sudden. It builds up, and you might not even feel it as such at first. Think of a "branch" or "molecules". Imagine that a "molecule" represents/capsules a specific moment/thought/feeling/fact/anticipation/etc and as you know, molecules form all kinds of compounds.

What I'm trying to say is that various thoughts (including day to day recurring thoughts), feelings, anticipations of how future events regarding something that may or may not happen, also real facts from past or present, and the list can go on [...] When these 'molecules' are in a certain range (by range I'm trying to point to an area of life, interest, niche - work, love live, school etc) it can build to many kinds of responses in us.

You can end up depressed as well (case in which people cannot get out because they are not aware that their day to day thoughts are in a loop, always thinking about the same shits, an obviously hard to overcome unless you manage to exit that loop, either by changing your life radically - for which I doubt you'll have the willpower or motivation, or either by trying magic mushrooms for example - google magic mushrooms depression, as I won't explain that here now and see also that chart with the brain lines connection, it will make sense when you'll find those articles) OR you can end up with several types of anxiety as well. Now, for those people that don't do sh** for their anxiety, yet they get cured* with the help of time, it's parts of the 'molecules' that formed the initial anxiety, are no longer active (example, you may not have the same stupid boss or have to worry about being kicked out of your own house, and more than this including thoughts)

Sometimes you can escape, and sometimes you remove only the main/s identified molecules, and still feel anxious (WITHOUT KNOWING WHY) because although your very own personal anxiety-molecules-cocktail is missing its main/s* and identified molecule/s (such as a main reason you consider being the fact/thought that you will not get into the university that your strict parents wants you to get in) you can still feel anxious due to other other elements/molecules. Since you can't identify the rest of the molecules, then the shotgun method I mentioned above could be very beneficial, because think about this:

Let's say you wake up, drink coffee, go to work, have a snack there, get back home tired, eat, maybe hang out with some friends or maybe not, still thinking daily about similar stuff, good an bads, but as days go, new things pops up in your life that influence you some way or another, and you fill your head with different thoughts. Usually for something like this to happen, requires time; I mean think about it, about all the same thoughts you have sometimes nearly daily. Something that could fix this totally (in theory at least) would be for you to win the lottery, because usually your life really changes overnight. But, since we are not all lottery winners nor can suffer daily and hope it goes away, we take the initiative and do the shotgun method. let's say, you wake up, you jump straight into the shower and do a cold shower (google cold shower benefits), then you drink a veggie/fruits natural juice or whatever, then you go straight hit the gym. You try contact old friends or try spend time with new ones, you start to meditate, as you just found out types of it and how an benefits from Google... you try to stop bad habits you had, you work on having a much better sleep, you start doing walks in the nature/forest, you go fishing, to a theater etc etc... all I am trying to say is that you need to move TOWARDS a direction, despite the pain you currently feel.

Just think about the things you were thinking about 10 years ago, from the smallest bullshits up to the biggest thoughts you had nearly day to day, and compare them to yours today. What I am saying right here is not about pointing you how happy you were back then and how miserable you are right now (generally speaking, not actually you) BUT simply something that is straight in our face and we can't see which I am - revealing - , pointing out below. You may hear people talk about brain chemistry and such, but if you think of the inside of your mind as a room, you'll see that the room from 10 years ago looks totally different from the one of this present, and yet you do not care about this detail, because you 'know' it's the same room, that it's still you and being aware that you changed, personality etc but you think that you are different because now you are more mature, because you went though a lot, you experienced that and that, and yes, you are right. Each experience, thought (present, including past), memory, good or bad things, beliefs etc etc.., can be seen as objects in those 'rooms'. The rooms look different, because as time passed, you lost/threw some of the objects, added new ones and so on.

Now, when your room is giving you anxiety, you choose to look at the same objects (molecules) day and night continuously, giving enough attention that you cannot possibly "lose or replace" them. But as time passes, even if you want it or not, other people, events or/and including you, will bring new objects in this "room". But, if you are aware of this principle, you can try and enrich your 'room' daily, bit by bit. It doesn't matter if you can't do it all of a sudden, but you could start going towards a direction, and the more new and good things you do, the more your room starts to change.

When people decide to change their life all of a sudden and do the shotgun method I explained above, they simply speed up the time needed normally for you to enrich the room in a way that it will change its design and become something different. You need to be careful tho, as you may still have some molecules left that one day may join with new molecules/objects you add in this room (think of that saying "waking up your personal demons") and lead again to the "compound"/larger object we name Anxiety here, but not limited to that - think of ex-drug addicts that changed their life completely, have a family, house, car, job etc.. and one day they might try it just one more time for the good old times, and just from one more use, he becomes an addict again. Same with the anxiety, you still have some molecules left, parts of the anxiety molecules, that really don't bother you and you feel ok, but one day, you might do or experience something (in a day or during a period of time), and that "molecule" will joint perfectly the other molecules - to explain this, think of stupid sh** you did in the past, you said you won't do it again, and yet you did it 5 more times. After the 5th time, you swear you will stop doing whatever that bad thing was, and a lot of time passes, you feel better. But as soon as you **** it up for the 6th time, you will feel way more worse than the 1st time, because you will realize many things about you, including your own will, control, how it affected your life all these 6 whatever bad things were.

If I helped even 1 person, although I know that very few will read this, I will be very happy knowing I helped a human being looking at things from a different angle/perspective, and work from there. Last but not least, don't go for things like xanax etc etc.. they are totally against what I explained here, because such pills will only put fake objects in your room, that the next day (when you don't take the pill anymore) the object is gone..and sometimes worse. How would you feel if your parents bought you your first ever computer, and the next day it's gone, returned.. ? (rhetorical question) Never give up, as you know, time fixes 'everything', but sometimes you can help time get a faster speed :)
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Postby Vallerie_007 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:22 pm

Wow I think I'll start practicing this. Thank you for taking the time to write this. You helped one person-me!!
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Postby Hiddensecrets » Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:08 am

I really like the room analogy. I never thought about it like that, but I can totally relate, since I love interior design. I've designed rooms to look completely different. Now, I just have to do that with my mind. I know it'll take time, but I'd really like to change the stuff in my current "mind room".

Thanks so much!
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Postby handheart » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:19 am

Having a nice ambient on your room helps a lot ,also its good to arange it like chinese to have more energy .Its help you to have am energized a nice ambient and a nice coulur in your home because you spend a lot of time
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