my mother hates me


Postby JuliusFawcett » Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:56 am

What's your gut instinct telling you to do?
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Postby fromritztorubble » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:18 am

Richard@DecisionSkills wrote:Oh please, stop whining and grow up. You have a great life compared to many, but it is not enough for you. Your father did not spend money to put you into college, your parents spent that money. They are married.

Keep making excuses in life, blame others, cry and whine all you like and see how that works out for you, How is it working out for you so far? Apparently not so well. You need to grow up.

Richard, you really need to take a look at yourself. The sooner you realise that you will never know another person's situation truly, the sooner you can start to mature in that sense. I too used to think that harshness was the best way to go about this sort of thing, but you'll soon realise that it's really not helpful to someone who is already living in such harsh conditions. There is some truth to your overall message, but you are going about it in the cruelest of ways. This poor kid came on here looking for help! There's a difference between playing the victim and looking for help. And money is no compensation for emotional abuse.

OP, I do hope you can find your way. Keep working hard, and don't listen to what's being said about you. Try to find a sense of who you are and never lose sight of it.
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Postby vivek bn » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:32 pm

from what i see here..i guess you are not able to leave whereever you are and get a new home...i have been admitted to rehabilitation centers and there are 100's of people like you....i cant suggest you anything but i can say you should be mentally strong
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Postby moonrisekingdom » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:06 pm

Same story with mine.

I guess you are from one of those middle east countries. I live in turkey and we have the same tradition here. The only way to get away from your family is jumping to another worse. I understand that you feel completely alone because obviously your mother is a drama queen and takes everyone on her side, but you must know that there are lots of cases like that.

If you're a male it's a lot easier, trust me. You said you are successful and hard working. First, even if you were the president of usa you wouldn't be enough, they would still treat you live a dirt bag. I see you have no problems in real life or adapting the society. That's a plus, if you're successful start somewhere and when you think about the job you are into it will not hurt as much and you begin to forget about them.

You can live against them if you're courageous.
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