Overcoming destructive anger

Postby caz » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:28 am

Hey all I hope you are all having a good day. Today I am 10 days sober which is an amazing blessing. Another issue I also struggle with is Anger, and I have to say that in the past it has been quite destructive at times. I'm guessing the alcohol played into quite a lot also mainly during withdrawal periods. However, this time around I have made a choice to not allow it to get the best of me. I have decided to start a new on facebook group called "Overcoming Destructive anger" as a support group for those that may want support in helping to manage and overcome their own anger issues. The group will also allow us to share experiences and offer feedback to one another as to what might have worked and not worked in the past in terms of coping strategies. I ask that if you struggle in this area then please feel welcome to join our page as it is something that I still struggle with and would greatly appreciate all those that will help me to overcome that which has caused not only myself much grief in the past, but also those that are close to me.
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Postby Leo Volont » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:39 am

caz wrote:Hey all I hope you are all having a good day.... I have decided to start a new ("Anger Management Forum!?) on facebook group called "Overcoming Destructive anger" as a support group for those that may want support in helping to manage and overcome their own anger issues.... please feel welcome to join our page.

Dear Caz,

Congratulations on not being a Drunk anymore. Very Few Life Transformations are as Powerful and Effective, in a Good Way, as giving up the Chronic Drinking of Way Too Much Alcohol. Here, let me share an Example -- a Notorious Drunk I know here and abouts surprised everybody by Suddenly Turning Stone Cold Sober... it was Honestly the Last Thing anybody expected. After he had been in the Store for close to an hour, I pointed out to one of the Sales Men "Have you noticed its been 45 Minutes and HE hasn't used his First Cuss Word?" When 'Our Friend' first came into the Shop, this Very Same Salesman had rushed all the Children into the Back, to protect them from the Wild and Free Language that we all expected. But our Friend, while still Sharp, Opinionated and quaintly Homespun, was proving quite the Gentleman... a Saint's Overbearing Grandmother would find no Problem with this guy. Of course, from His Days as a Famous Drunk, he had lost all of his Work Opportunities (that's Show Biz!)... mostly from the most outrageous incidents of Offending Audiences... even Very Lenient and Tolerant Audiences... "He Said WHAT!?" -- that kind of Thing. Well, I pointed out to Our Friend that since he was no longer a Drunk, and that as he was Now Behaving like a New and Better Man all around, well, the WORD would get out About Town and the Same Employers who had had him Tossed Out of their Clubs and then had him Beaten Up in the Alleys, well, They would welcome Him back with Open Arms. He said "I haven't changed... I only stopped Drinking". that is when I told him that he had been over an hour without cussing or overtly Offending either God or Man, and had been actually The Perfect Gentleman... and that was something that WE had NEVER SEEN Before. I think that gave him a Glimmer of Hope... and it is Something of a Small World here... Word really will get out. the Guy is, after all, a Great Entertainer.

But, Cas, back to you.

Thank you So Much for Writing Into an Established Anger Management Forum to tell us that you have already inferred somehow that We are Obviously Doing It All Wrong, and that you, With All the Wisdom that 10 Sober Days could Muster Up for you, Can Instantly Provide a Better Page than Ours.... On Facebook! Thank you so much for your Kind Invitation. Maybe we will Stop By and check every once and a while and see how Well you "Re-invented the Wheel", so to speak. But my Curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I can't help to wonder Why you would Start something up from Scratch when there is Already Something Up and Running Right here. Maybe you think you Need Your Own Page dedicated to Angry Drunks or Angry Ex-Drunks. Really? You honestly think being a Drunks is THAT exceptional in our Culture? I would guess that Most of the People who Post in here with Anger Problems have a few drinks everyday and it just never occurs to them that the Drinking may be contributing to their Problem.... though THAT IS One of our Primary Checklist Points.... well, EVERYBODY's Checklist Point. Its ALMOST the First Question we ask. .... a New Guy writes in and says that 'He tossed the Boss out of a Ten Story Office Window, and set Fire to a Cat.." and we say "What!? You are not Drinking Alcohol by any chance, Are You?"

anyway, even after thinking about it a Moment or Two... well... I still wonder at your Behavior. Perhaps this is Some High Energy Euphoria that comes upon Recovered and Reformed Drunks, and it is not entirely governed by Reason or Good Sense. You Feel Full of Energy and Want to Conquer the World... and to DO IT ALL YOUR WAY. Well, this Moment of Euphoria, like all Transient Moments of Joy in our General Lives of Woo, well, it Won't Last. When your Euphoria Burns out and you Feel like getting Real, and Practical, come back and you can Join Us... and not Insist that we Must All join You.
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Postby gavinfg » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:06 pm

It is good to know that you stop being drunk anymore. It is true that managing anger maybe a bit hard in some of the time.

Socializing is a good way to support each other and express our own feeling
A father of my friend became violence when he could not control his anger. However, he tried to participate in some support groups and seek for help. In the old time, he thought that no one could understand him. However, when the time passed, he is pleased that he can share his feeling in the group which seems to understand and support him.
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Postby handheart » Fri Aug 26, 2016 2:15 pm

Thanks very much i will join this group because i am intereseted as i am a nervous person also
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