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Postby TVforKnowledge » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:10 pm

Hi. So im going to get straight to the point, so heres the backstory.

my cousin is kind of disgusted at the fact of putting a mans penis in her mouth, but she and her boyfriend have plans for a big night, and she wanted my help. i thought that showing her a hypnosis video might help her, but she was worried about if it would be safe, one of her friends did it and had a bad reaction. i also wanted to look at one, i am a male, but I am also worried. both of us are not very willing, and i don't think she'll be even if i tell her its ok. the videos i found were on youtube, but then the owner deleted them and left a link to them on pornhub. Here are the titles, so you can check them to make sure they are good. COC - MANTRA 1 (HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION) for my cousin
THE HYPNO CONTINUES for me. there are alot of them on pornhub, so if you could check and tell me which ones would be the best, that would be so great. thank you so much!
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Postby Wolvesmouth » Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:56 am

While I don't have any videos for you to see/hear, I DO have a link that may have the solution to your problem. Hopefully I read your post correctly. <-- try that website
ViVe is a great hypnostist with SO MANY audio files that are also free that probably have what you are looking for. You'll have to search for them!
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