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Postby Snipa » Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:42 pm

First I would like people who have had positive experiences to answer this question, thank you. I have been practicing hypnosis for some time now about 10th grade which was about 4 years ago. From the beginning I was able to put other people into trance easily with both informal, and formal inductions. However, when it came to myself it I was unsure if I was in trance, or rather if I bypassed my critical factor. I definitely was in trance as I realized that my surroundings faded away, and my imagery is vivid etc. So now that I have pretty much become able to go in trance and out of trance whenever, or wherever I am at. I still have trouble with actually achieving certain results. Now don't get me wrong I have achieved a lot with hypnosis, but accidentally, it seems to have never been the targeted problem that I have been able to fix. For example, just the other night I led myself through this technique which allows you to change filters for daily events, my problem was simple. All I needed was to apply a different filter to whenever I was around this other person, because for some reason I felt extreme anger around him. So thinking that all went well during my session, I went around again and the feeling returns again, however I am just more relaxed in general throughout the day. That was not a complete success but also not a complete failure. I feel that I don't actually have a clear understanding of what happens when you bypass the critical factor. When I hypnotize someone else and bypass there critical factor. What is described becomes real to them I ask them to notice how relaxed they will become as they here my voice. This elicits a very clear response. For me I have to go through much more to even achieve a fraction of what my subjects achieve. I have to literally focus on a time that I felt relaxed mere suggestion does not cut it. I even played with someones sense of time and it felt completely real for them. For me it feels like I am forcing it. So my question to you guys is this, what must be practiced to achieve more powerful hypnotic phenomena within yourself. When I experience these states it is usually by accident.
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Postby saladinsmith » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:27 pm

It might not be a problem with self hypnosis. What you're describing sounds a lot like my own experience, except that live hypnotists don't have much effect on my either. I believe that in my case it's my ADHD holding me back, but I've heard people who don't think they have ADHD having similar problems.

Either way, lots of practice will help. The more you go into trance, the easier it should be.
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